Upcoming Call for IAEC project proposals (for NCBS and InStem ONLY. Labs from external institutes need to have their projects approved by the IAEC of their home institute or via C-CAMP.)

The Internal Animal Users Committee (IAUC) has put together an <IAEC proposal checklist> : please do go through it to make sure your proposals are meeting IAEC requirements and that all related annexures/ documents have not been omitted. We have also updated the  more detailed <Animal-Use Research Project Proposal & animal imports Guidelines> document which is also downloadable from our website link below.

This should help you navigate through the timelines, requirements and policies involved in this process.

Please submit the relevant forms to be pre-reviewed by the IAUC (see forms below) to acrcinfo[at]ncbs[dot]res[dot]in Thank You.

1) For NEW Projects: please fill and submit the "IAEC_FormB" (NCBS or InStem specific form depending on your institute).
Projects are approved or a maximum of three years.
2) For ongoing projects reaching their "IAEC approved END date" (= 3rd year anniversary); Project extensions/renewals need to be resubmitted via a new "IAEC_FormB" application as well and PIs of such projects must mention it as continuing work and detail the results achieved under Sl.No. 9d, 9e and 9f of form B..
The IAEC meets twice a year: (usually June/July and December/January). So do make sure your project renewals or modifications are requested and approved before the original IAEC approved end date. The status and deadlines of all submitted IAEC proposals to ACRC can be accessed via your ACoMaS login.
3) if your project reaches its 1st, or 2nd year anniversary: you will need to submit the "IAEC_project yearly progress report" in addition to the latest reviewed&approved FormB corresponding to this project.
4) any ongoing project modifications (in the numbers /strains of experimental animals to be used, procedures to be operated on animals (surgeries,irradiation, ect..), new drugs/chemicals to be applied/administered... etc), new collaborators or end animal users added to the project need to be specified and re-submitted as well in the FormB format clearly mentioning  the project modifications/add-ons from the original proposal in distinctly visible bold or underlined text.
According to the new IAEC policies: modified projects will be now considered as new projects and given a new project ID#.
5) The "Animal import request form" is to be filled if your project involves the import of new live animals.
(please do go over the "Animal Import" paragraph of the guidelines as there are quite a few procedures to plan ahead of time when importing live animals.)

6) for new PIs or PIs requesting additional rodent cage space: please also give the IAUC your estimated required cage numbers for the next 6-12months by filling out the "cage space request form".
7) please note that IBSC (Biosafety) approval is required for most animal based research projects and  for the use of related bio-hazardous drugs/reagents or procedures.
Do make sure your  animal based research project is also submitted and approved by the IBSC if required. Please take extra care that your IBSC projects and corresponding IAEC projects have identical project titles.

Links to the different IAEC forms and documentation:

IAEC project proposal flowchart

- IAEC Project proposal Checklist

IAEC project proposal guidelines

IAEC - NCBS-project proposal-formB

IAEC - Instem-project proposal-formB

IAEC - Yearly Progress Report

Animal Import Request Form

Cage Space Request Form

- ACRC animal care and service fees