Science and Society Home

Building on ongoing efforts at NCBS, we are working to give a structure to programmes already initiated that traverse the interface between science and society, and explore the history of science. This ‘Science and Society’ programme will fund and host projects and events that both dovetail science and the humanities and could potentially stimulate a dialogue between each other. “Science” is broadly defined and includes, for example, the life sciences, medicine (including traditional practices), mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering. Developments in these fields could find expression in archaeology, art, architecture, literature, language and script development, migration patterns of cultural elements, performance traditions and so on. One of the aims of this venture is to extend the research sponsored by the programme beyond the confines of academia and make it accessible to the larger community. To this end, events such as lectures, workshops and exhibitions will be hosted periodically, enhancing the exchange of ideas and knowledge between scholars involved with the programme and the community at large.