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The ACRC Rodent Repository Strain database can be found on our [ACoMaS site HERE].


This Database is still in the process of being updated- we will soon have all our publically available stock listed on this ACoMaS Strain Database.

Please Note that ACRC is NOT a commercial laboratory animal provider - We can only provide a few breeding pairs according to stock availability and MTA requirements.

To obtain animals from our ACRC Mouse & Rat strain repository: please fill out this <ACRC Repository_RodentAnimal Request Form> or contact us at: acrcinfo at ncbs dot res dot in



IMPORTANT ARCHIVING & PUBLICATION REQUIREMENTS: correctly referencing your mutant / engineered alleles and rodent strains:

Please do acknowledge that for mutant and/or genetically engineered rodent alleles to be recognised and approved by the international mouse and rat consortiums and repositories, each engineered/mutant rodent allele and animal strain/line need to be properly named according to the latest international nomenclature standards as detailed <HERE> .

Importantly, more and more scientific journals such as Nature Genetics, The Journal of Immunolgy, Genome Research, ect... are also requesting and enforcing these International nomenclature standards before your work can be published in their journals.


Please do contact us if you need guidance on how to name your rodent strains. Guidelines are also available on the MGI website: http://www.informatics.jax.org/mgihome/nomen/

If your lab and/or animal breeding facility is not yet registered on the International Laboratory Code Registry at ILAR;

It is highly recommended that you do register your lab / facility / institute via their website: http://dels.nas.edu/global/ilar/Lab-Codes. Your registered <allele creator lab code> will be mandotory when referencing your novel engineered alleles for example.

The NCBS ACRC animal holding/breeding  Site lab code is: < Ncbs >