Upcoming ACRC Workshops/ MGEF: Application & Program Details to be posted shortly- Dates and topics yet to be confirmed-

1) April 20-24, 2020 : MGEF 1st Hands-On Workshop on Molecular Biology techniques of Crispr/Cas contruct design & screening assays. = CANCELLED

2) August 16-23, 2020: ACRC 1st Hands-On training for Laboratory Animal Care Taker Staff. = CANCELLED 

(basic training on the usage of small Laboratory Animal  Facility housing systems, washing and sterilization Equipment and daily Laboratory Animal Care surveillance & Monitoring methods in high barrier SPF facilities).

3) end of 2020 / early 2021: MGEF online Crispr/Cas9 genome editing and Micro-injection Workshop -> DATES to be announced -




1) Job Possibilities:

- one Animal Care and Resource Centre FACILITY ASSISTANT position. Please visit the inStem job portal to apply. Application Deadline is July 27th 2019 - offer is now CLOSED

- one Laboratory Animal Facility Veterinarian position  - application deadline is July15th 2019 -  offer is now CLOSED

- Animal Facility Assistants: Please apply [HERE] - application deadline is May 31st 2017- offer is now CLOSED

- one Laboratory Animal Facility Veterinarian: Please apply [HERE] -  application deadline is May 31st 2017- offer is now CLOSED

  • Facility Trainees / JRFs willing to gain experience and expertise in Laboratory Animal Science, Mouse Genome Engineering and Assisted Reproductive Technologies. - Positions currently Closed but applications are invited regularly throughout the year. We invite interested  Graduates/post-graduates/prospective biology/veterinary students  to check our website regularly for next openings.
  • Position for 1 Animal Care Facility assistant: offer is now CLOSED
  • 1 Position for  Scientific Administrative Manager: offer is now CLOSED
  • 1 Position of Mouse High Barrier Veterinarian - offer is now CLOSED
  • 3 Positions for Mouse Genome Engineering Facility assistants - offer is now CLOSED
  • 3 Positions for Animal Care Facility assistants- offer is now CLOSED


2) Training Possibilities:

ACRC and MGEF can accept specfic/personnalised training requests of individuals wishing to receive training on the different procedures and surgeries routinely being carried out in our facility.

These training sessions can be organised depending on demand and staff availability.

Please do fill out the following <Training Request Form> if you are interested in receiving hands-on taining from our facility. For example: we have trained several veterianarians from all over India who have come for personnalised 1-2 days trainig sessions on Mouse Oviduct Embryo Transfer.

The ACRC service and Training Fees can be found  HERE ]


3) ACRC organised Workshops & Seminars:

Past ACRC & MGEF Workshop Details:



  • 21-25 October 2019: MGEF organised its first  Hands-on Mouse Crispr/Cas9 genome editing and Micro-injection Workshop. -> WORKSHOP PROGRAM & Workshop Flyer


  • 16-22 August 2019:  MGEF held its third Mouse CryoBiology & IVF workshop #3  -

Workshop Flyer can be uploaded [HERE]. [Workshop program -> HERE]

  • 22-26 April 2019: ACRC organised a Hands-On workshop on  Rodent Laboratory Animal Handling and Bio-Methodologies.-

Workshop Flyer: [click HERE]

  • August 2018-: MGEF organised the second Hands-on Workshop on Mouse CryoBiology & IVF - see workshop Schedule [HERE]-



  • May-June 2017: ACRC co-organised the first JAX-India seminars at NCBS Bangalore (May 30th 2017) and in Hyderabad (June 1st, 2017)-


  • AUGUST 2016: The ACRC and MGEF organised a hands-on

Mouse Cryopreservation / Cryorecovery / IVF workshop #1 at NCBS.  (click <HERE> to see the workshop announcement flyer)

-> detailed Workshop Course and Lab Pratical Schedule is <HERE>

-> workshop PHOTOS <HERE>