Before obtaining a valid ID access to any on campus animal facility,

users need to follow the different ACRC related orientation, vaccination and tutorial procedures as outlined in this <flowchart>:

1) To sign up for the next ACRC Animal Facility Orientation (3h-3h30 course): please fill out this form: Animal Facility Orientation Sign Up

2) Once you have attended the ACRC orientation class: Please then also sign up to the live VIVARIUM Tour.

Users who need to sign up for the main Mouse V2-SPF2 tour should sign up here: mouse V2-SPF2 Tour registration.

User requesting a tour for V1, V4, or dedicated V2-SPF1 or ABSL2 vivariums should do so by contacting <acrchelp@ncbs.res.in> to schedule a tour date directly with the staff taking care to mention which Vivarium type and for which species you are asking a tour for.

3) Once you have attended the ACRC orientation  you can also sign up for the next ACoMaS tutorial (2h course) by filling out this ACoMaS Tutorial Registration Form.

You should receive an automatic Orientation/Tutorial sign up confirmation email after having signed up.

Please contact acrchelp[at]ncbs dot res dot in. if you do not receive the confirmation email. Thank You.


4) Once Vaccinated, Mouse & Rat Users should then register for their specific MOUSE or RAT Handling and Restraining Training Programs.

Rat Users can contact [ acrchelp[at]ncbs dot res dot in ] directly to schedule their Hands-On training sessions with the staff.

Mouse users should register to their Mouse Handling and Restraining training program via the links here:

Mouse H&R training sessions Part1 are scheduled on Monday afternoons
Mouse H&R training sessions Part2 are scheduled on Wednesday afternoons
Mouse H&R training sessions Part3 are scheduled on Friday

5) ALL powerpoint presentations given during these different USER Orientation and Tutorial Sessions can be found on the INTRANET ACRC webpage AND on the ACoMaS "Other Links" menu.

6) Service Registration Forms

ACRC Services  - https://forms.gle/BhXk7D1Y5eB1xQ1H9

ACRC Veterinary Serviceshttps://forms.gle/f4426Sqat3yBdRCYA

Please fill in the specific forms to avail Basic Services and Veterinary Services