The mandate of research at NCBS is the study of biology. To realize our goals of understanding living systems, we understand that research problems need to be approached from a variety of directions. We therefore have recruited, and actively encourage applications from researchers with a variety of backgrounds in the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science.

Biological problems not only require multiple approaches for their solution, but also need researchers of varied expertise to collaborate. Collaboration at every level—within NCBS, within the country and internationally—is strongly encouraged. Our research groups are small and with specific strengths that make interactions with complementary groups fruitful.

Our facilities and equipment are accessible, well managed, used optimally and allow most kinds of modern research in modern biology to be conducted in-house. Where large- scale facilities are required for specific projects we encourage the use of national and international resources and collaborative arrangements. Well-qualified and trained staff manage our facilities and equipment.

Students, research fellows, and post-doctoral fellows are the strength of our research community and keep the environment vibrant and young as do a range of laboratory and lecture courses, seminars, symposia and meetings, with speakers, teachers and participants from all over the world. Academic programmes can lead to a Ph.D. or other degrees, awarded by the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.