The National Centre for Biological Sciences is a Centre of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. At NCBS-TIFR, we investigate living systems across all scales, from molecules to ecosystems.

As scientists, we are curious about the world around us. The scientific process is creative, and as we disentangle, examine, and put together the patterns, processes, and mechanisms of life, we must be able to think differently. How we view our research depends on the experience we bring. Interdisciplinary and diverse perspectives often contribute to scientific breakthroughs. At NCBS-TIFR, we believe that diversity, equity, inclusiveness, and open-mindedness make us better, and more creative, scientists.

​​India’s strength is its diversity. We pride ourselves a nation of many cultures, religions, customs, languages, and ethnicities. We are also a nation of different social and economic groups, gender, and sexual orientation, each with a unique perspective and immense potential to contribute to science. We believe that by encouraging the participation of groups that historically have not been able to participate in science, we become better scientists. This inclusive approach not only benefits our pursuit of science, but it also makes the benefits of science more equitable across the entire spectrum of the diverse society.

At NCBS-TIFR, we welcome all; we invite you to join us in our quest for knowledge. We work to ensure a safe and equitable work environment for all, irrespective of religion, caste, economic status, sexual orientation, and gender so that every member of our campus can contribute their best. Should we falter, we will work to sensitize our campus members to the principles of respect, of diversity and of inclusion. These values are the bedrock of academic freedom. By staying true to these values, we at NCBS-TIFR will ensure that all can contribute to a brighter, equitable and just future.