For all ACRC/MGEF facility service requests: please fill out the relevant request form below and sent it back to: acrcinfo [at] ncbs [dot] res [dot] in

1) MGEF_MGEF_Mouse Model Generation: Via  CRISPR/Cas9  base Technology

2) MGEF_Mouse Transgenesis Request Form (random DNA insertion via pronuclear microinjection)
Guidelines on how to prep DNA destined for pronuclear microinjection can be found HERE.

3) MGEF_Mouse Model Generation: Via  ES cells based  Technology

4) MGEF_Mouse Line Cryo-Recovery / IVF / Rederivation Request Form (via surgical Embryo Transfer)

5) MGEF_Mouse Stock Sperm Cryopreservation Request Form

6) MGEF_WT Mouse Sperm_or Embryos_Request Form ( for In Vitro purposes ONLY)-

7) MGEF_Genotype Specific Embryo Request Form (for In Vitro purposes ONLY / BLiSC User specific Service).

8) MGEF_Mouse Embryo Culture, Cryopreservation and IVF Media & KITs request form. 

9) ACRC Animal Import Request Form for import of live animals or cryo-samples (sperm or embryos).

10) ACRC Cage Space Request Form - (for new projects as well as for Labs requesting additional cage space or modifications in their previous allocated cage numbers for each type of housing environment).

11) ACRC Repository Mouse/Rat Strain Request Form : to be filled out by external academic labs wishing to obtain a few (max 3) breeding pairs of strains currently available within the NCBS ACRC Mouse/Rat strain repository.

12) For request of NON-Rodent species being housed at ACRC: please fill out the <ACRC NonRodent Animal Request Form>.

Please note that all mouse strains to be imported to the NCBS Animal Care and Resource Center or to the NCBS Mouse Cryo-Bank would need to be referenced according to the current International Mouse Nomenclature Standards. This should already be the case for strains coming form international repositories or referenced in the MGI mouse database. If not: please do make the effort to properly name and reference your strains acording to these international standards. Thank You.

13) <ACRC Training and Facility Visit Request Form> (please visit our training and workshop page for more details.)