- Daily animal inspection/monitoring and husbandry services (Daily cage checking, watering/feeding, week-end and holiday care, sterilization of incoming materials & equipment...)

- Breeding and maintenance of rodent animals in different SPF and ABSL levels depending on project requirements.

- Veterinary medical care, preventive medicine, post-operative care and animal health pathogen monitoring (done quarterly for High Barrier Specific Pathogen Free (SPF1) animals.

- User Training & help in specific requested animal surgeries or procedures
- User Training on animal handling and restraining
- User Training and guidance on animal identification methods
- User Training & help on various routes of drug / bio-substance administration
- User Training & help on tail biopsy for PCR based genotyping
- Blood collection and methods of blood sampling
- User Training and guidance on methods of anesthesia / pain assessment / pain relief
- User Training and guidance on methods of ethical animal euthanasia
- User guidance & help in designing optimal breeding strategies and adaptive colony management techniques
- Providing information & awareness on the different animal strain bio-specifics
- Help in setting up crosses, monitoring pregnancies, and recording births
- Providing users with animals from specific nucleus stock strains maintained at the facility
- Help in animal imports, exports to collaborators and IAEC project proposal procedures
- Monthly billing of AF usage.
- Record keeping: Form B, Form C and Form D as per CPCSEA guidelines
- Providing access to ACoMaS (Animal Colony Management System):
a barcoded multi-database system to track and monitor rodent cages, animals & CryoBank stocks in order to help users and facility in various aspects of animal colony and facility management.


2) MOUSE GENOME ENGINEERING FACILITY services: -> please contact MGEF AT NCBS DOT RES DOT IN for MGEF service fees.

Currently available services:

- Help in strategic experimental design for mouse Transgenesis / Knock-In / Knock-Out (KO & cKO).
- Pronuclear and/or cytoplasmic microinjections in fertilized mouse oocytes.

- mES cell gene editing and microinjections
- The facility can inject various types of constructs including: BACs, plasmids, CRISPR/cas, TALENs...
- Harvesting of mouse oocytes , blastocysts, other preimplantation embryos
- Embryo transfer into pseudo-pregnant females & rederivation of mouse lines.
- The facility offers both Infundibulum/oviduct and uterine embryo transfer depending on project specifics
- Final gel purification of the “micro-injection solutions”

- Sperm  cryopreservation / cryo-recovery
- IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

- Embryo cryopreservation / cryo-recovery

- Training and workshops on all the above mentioned techniques....please visit our <workshop page>

molecular biology / genome engineering construct design and validation

- genotyping

- custom designed medias for mouse and sperm cryopreservation, mouse embryo culture, IVF, cryorecovery as well as embryo handling pipette kits.


Future Planned MGEF services:

- genetic monitoring

- ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection)

- ovary transplantation

- Rat trangenesis and Rat IVF