1) Animal Care Facility (ACF)

The ACF is set-up to:

  • Provide and maintain Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) rodent animals as well as Xenopous and Zebrafish research models to PIs of the Bangalore Bio-cluster (BLiSC) and can now also offer certain specialized services to external research laboratories.
  • Help and guide users in following Russell & Burch’s 3Rs concept in their research: Reduction, Refinement and Replacement.
  • Educate/train users in various aspects of laboratory animal bio-methodolgy and adaptive animal colony management techniques.
  • Provide users with a wide range of veterinary, health monitoring, technical and surgical services.
  • Offer different SPF levels (to protect the animals, users and staff) and different Animal-BioSafety Levels (to protect the users, staff & environment) to best meet the requirements of each research project.

2) Mouse Genome Engineering Facility (MGEF)
The MGEF is setup to:

  • support the generation of novel genetically engineered mouse models for InStem and NCBS research labs and has recently opened its services to external academic labs as well.
  • Offer cryopreservation and cryo-recovery/mouse IVF services
  • Manage “Cryo” stocks & establish a Mouse CryoBank.
  • Organize trainings and hands-on workshops on mouse embryology, cryopreservation & IVF techniques as well as on the different types of mouse transgenesis/KI/KO/KD techniques.

(for more information on MGEF services; please contact Mahesh : acrcinfo[at]ncbs.res.in)