Event date Event Title Event Organizers
301 October 18, 2019 Talk by Dr Didier Roux- The link between fundamental science and economic development Satyajit Mayor, Madan Rao
October 16, 2019 to October 17, 2019
Indo-Africa Workshop on Integrating Genomic Technologies in Outbreak Prediction, Preparedness and Control Sudhir Krishna, Varsha Shridhar, F Onyambu and A Pandit
303 October 16, 2019 Archives Public Lecture Series: V Geetha: In these Times: Three Conversations against Hatred Archives at NCBS
October 15, 2019 to October 18, 2019
Student Conference on Conservation Science 2019 Uma Ramakrishnan
October 07, 2019 to October 13, 2019
Pre-conference workshop - SCCS 2019 Uma Ramakrishnan
306 September 27, 2019 Special Screening of Surya Ganga BLiSc Communications Office
307 September 26, 2019 Risk Factors for Future Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer's Disease in Older African Americans' by Mark Gluck NCBS
308 September 22, 2019 The BliSC Science Cafe Special Edition BLiSC Communications Office
September 15, 2019 to September 22, 2019
11th Bangalore Microscopy Course 2019 Satyajit Mayor, H. Krishnamurthy, Anjana Badrinarayanan (NCBS, India), Ron Vale, Nico Stuurman (UCSF, USA), Rahul Roy (IISc, India), Feroz M.H. Musthafa (C-CAMP, India) and Minhaj Sirajuddin, Sangeeta Nath (inStem, India)
September 14, 2019 to November 16, 2019
Lab Culture II: tracing the making of a collective the Museum and Field Stations Facility and the BLiSc Communications Office
September 12, 2019 to September 13, 2019
Archives Public Lecture Series: P Sainath -- Agrarian crisis and the People's Archive of Rural India Archives at NCBS
312 September 11, 2019 Science communication through puppetry and other folk forms by Dr B K Tyagi BLiSc Communications Office
August 26, 2019 to August 30, 2019
"Chemical Ecology of the North East Region (NER) of India: A collaborative programme linking NER and Bangalore researchers" at NCBS, Bangalore Prof. Uma Ramakrishnan and Dr. Shannon Olsson
314 August 25, 2019 BLiSc Science Cafe: Viruses & Vaccines with Prof. Sudhir Krishna BLiSc Communications Office
315 August 23, 2019 Archives Public Lecture Series: The Age of Electroacoustics: Science of Sound from the 19th to the 20th century Archives at NCBS
August 19, 2019 to August 20, 2019
Workshop on Archival standards and Digitisation Workflows Archives at NCBS and British Library
August 15, 2019 to August 22, 2019
Mouse Cryo Biology IVF Workshop III Lily
318 July 27, 2019 Film Screening: Love & Bananas: An Elephant Story BLiSc Communications Office, MSc Wildlife Biology and Conservation Programme
July 22, 2019 to August 03, 2019
DST-SERB School on Chemical Ecology Radhika Venkatesan
320 July 20, 2019 BLiSc Science Cafe: Rethinking medical devices for the developing world (Nachiket Deval, Co-Founder Coeo Labs, C-CAMP) BLiSc Communications Office