BLiSC Ecology Sundays 

A new series of Ecology talks, "Outside In", for school students. These sessions would be most beneficial for high school students (Class 8 and upwards)
Our second session is with Dr. Sanjay Sane of NCBS on 'Learning engineering from animals'!

As a philosophical question, the problem of how to translate biological observations into machines is at least as old as Aristotle, but its more modern conceptualization owes to Renaissance scientists, who first observed that biological organisms followed, in large part, the laws of mechanics.

A key issue that earlier thinkers grappled with was the lack of proper biological data. As modern engineers strive to develop technology that is inspired by the biological world, it is helpful to recall some of this history and ask what lessons can be learned through collaborations between engineers and biologists. I will argue that, for such intellectual and training programs to succeed, it is essential for them to incorporate systematic education of both biology and engineering fields.
June 21, Sunday | 11AM (IST)
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