They say you need an emergency to rise to the occasion. And what better occasion than the present COVID-19 crisis that is raging nation-wide without a reprieve in sight? As India battles its gravest public healthcare challenge in recent history, India Innovation Inc has quietly stepped up to the challenge with indigenously developed innovative technologies that have tremendous potential to create change and impact. We at C-CAMP launched C-CAMP COVID-19 Innovations Deployment Accelerator C-CIDA, a mission-driven accelerator program dedicated to unearthing such impactful ready-to-deploy COVID-19 innovations from our own backyard and fast-tracking them so that these novel ideas from India's bio startup ecosystem reach those who need them most. 30 days and 1100 applications later, 30 immediately deploy-able solutions were identified, 17 of which are already in the field.  This is the C-CIDA story, with Coeo Labs’  Nitesh Kumar Jangir, Eyestem Research’s Jogin Desai, Blackfrog Health’s Mayur Shetty, and Akshay Singhal of Log9 Materials! 

Please note, the event time is 5pm on 12th June