BLiSC Ecology Sundays 

A new series of Ecology talks, "Outside In", for school students. These sessions would be most beneficial for high school students (Class 8 and upwards)
Our fourth session features members of the MSc Wildlife Biology and Conservation Programme at NCBS, with an introduction by Jayashree Ratnam, who heads the programme.

Listening is believing – with Shasank Ongole

Bats rule the night sky because of their ability to “see” in pitch darkness. In reality, they are listening more than they’re seeing. But what are they listening to? How can we reach into their alien sensory world to understand what’s happening to them in a changing world? We will travel to a coffee landscape in the Western Ghats to get a peek into their nocturnal kingdom.


Shallow rivers, surging noises: how underwater noise alters Ganges river dolphin behavior- with Mayukh Dey

Ganges river dolphins are endangered riverine mammals that live in the Himalayan river systems of the Indian subcontinent. These animals are blind, relying exclusively on sound for communication, feeding and navigation. Today, constant noise from motorised river-vessels has altered the environments they live in. Can we step into the mind of this prehistoric, blind mammal and sonically explore how it copes in an increasingly noisy underwater world?


July 5th, 2020 | 11am (IST)