BLiSC Ecology Sundays 

A new series of Ecology talks, "Outside In", for school students. These sessions would be most beneficial for high school students (Class 8 and upwards)

The first session is with Dr. Uma Ramakrishnan of NCBS, she will talk about Pandemics and Biodiversity:

We are in the middle of a pandemic and it has affected all of us. I am sure you are missing school too, and all your friends, classes, and activities. Did you know that one of the reasons we are in this situation is because of losing biodiversity?

In my talk, we will explore how the loss of biodiversity can link to diseases. We will talk about bats and rats in the northeast of India and the Western ghats, and how some of the research we are doing helps us understand the linkages.

We will end by thinking together about the future of biodiversity and India, and how we can build a better world.

14 June, Sunday | 11am (IST)
In case of any issues with the webinar, please join the live stream: