In this COVIDGyan session, Dr. Shahid Jameel, Indian virologist and the CEO of the Wellcome Trust DBT India Alliance, will speak about the 'Immunology of COVID-19'.

On January 22 this year, when there were only 314 confirmed cases and 6 deaths due to COVID-19, a group of Chinese scientists wrote in a review article in the Journal of Medical Virology – “The immune response is essential to control and eliminate CoV infections, however, maladjusted immune responses may result in immunopathology and impaired pulmonary gas exchange. Gaining a deeper understanding of the interaction between Coronaviruses and the innate immune systems of the hosts may shed light on the development and persistence of inflammation in the lungs and hopefully can reduce the risk of lung inflammation caused by CoVs.” Important words indeed.

In this webinar, we will discuss the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 and see how it links to protection from disease, exacerbation of disease, and the implications it has for therapy and future COVID-19 vaccines.


23 July, Thursday | 3pm (IST)