Information for Visitors
Visiting Research Collections

NCBS Research Collections are open to all researchers irrespective of their affiliation, nationality, and past contributions to the Collections. Visitors who have recently contributed to the Collections may access the Collections for research projects free of cost. Other visitors will be charged a nominal bench fees. All properly registered visitors will have access to the Research Collections for pre-approved research projects, in addition to resources and equipment such as pinning boards, drying ovens, microscopes, dissection instruments, chemical reagents, camera equipment and desktop computers. Curatorial assistance will be provided. Those who may not be able to pay the bench fees are encouraged to contribute specimens, posters, help with curation, and other helpful work that makes this facility better for the entire community.

Visits to the NCBS Research Collections are by prior appointment only. Potential visitors are expected to contact the Facility In-Charge in advance by email to fix an appointment, and are required to submit a standard form for the usage of the facility, including agreement about copyright.


Depositing specimens

NCBS Research Collections welcomes contributions of specimens from potential contributors, which may include taxonomists, systematists, ecologists, state forest departments, and other research museums. We are happy to accept collections for the long-term archival of specimens and tissue that are of taxonomic, systematic, ecological and conservation importance, and which research scientists from a broad spectrum of museum sciences may value. Contributors to the Research Collections will have long-term and free access to the materials that they have contributed, although they may be charged bench fees if they wish to study materials contributed by others. Bench fees are modest and may be waived on a case-by-case basis (contact the Facility In-Charge for your case).

Also see the forms required for doing your research in the collections, or depositing specimens.


Visitor Forms

Under work. Please visit later to access forms to schedule your visits for museum work or to deposit specimens.



 NCBS Research Collections:

Academic visitors will be charged bench fees as listed below, which will cover desk space and access to equipment such as microscopes and imaging station. Bench fees may be waived for government-funded research personnel and institutions, and for other collaborating institutions, on a reciprocal basis.

Bench fees (daily): Rs. 200 for South Asian visitors, Rs. 500 for other visitors.

Bench fees (weekly): Rs. 1,000 for South Asian visitors, Rs. 2,500 for other visitors.

Bench fees (monthly): Rs. 3,000 for South Asian visitors, Rs. 7,500 for other visitors.

Bench fees (yearly): Rs. 30,000 for South Asian visitors, Rs. 75,000 for other visitors.