Biochemistry, Biophysics and Bioinformatics

Prof. M. K. Mathew
Exploring the architecture and function of transmembrane ion channels

Dr. Deepak T Nair
Nucleic Acid Recognition and Metabolism

Dr. Dominik Schwudke
Bioanalytics, linking biological phenotypes to their chemical basis

Dr. G. V. Shivashankar
Cellular mechanobiology of genome regulation

Dr. Kaustubh Rau
Cellular responses to fluid forces

Dr. Madhusudhan Venkadesan
Morphology and control in animals and machines

Dr. Mrinalini Puranik
Structure and dynamics of nucleic acid binding proteins

Dr. Yamuna Krishnan
Structure and Dynamics of Nucleic Acids


Dr. Mitradas M Panicker
The cellular mechanics of mental illness

Prof. Obaid Siddiqi
Genetic analysis of chemosensory perception in Drosophila

Dr. Sandhya P Koushika
A caravan in a cable: cargo transport within neurons

Cellular Organization and Signalling

Prof. Sudhir Krishna
Exploring the pathobiology of CD66+ cells in human cervical cancers and setting up a biology-medicine interphase program

Prof. Apurva Sarin
Life and death decisions in the immune system

Prof. K. S. Krishnan
Cell Biology of the Synapse

Dr. V. Sriram
Real-time, whole-organism mitochondrial demographics

Ecology and Evolution

Dr. Suhel Quader
Evolutionary ecology and environmental conservation

Genetics and Development

Prof. Veronica Rodrigues
Architecture, development and cell biology of the olfactory system