last update: 02/06/2013

Linking biological phenotypes to their chemical basis

Interdisciplinary investigations at the interface of biology and analytical chemistry are my personal interest, which focused on development and application of mass spectrometric methods for biological research. 

In particular, I will investigate cell and tissue differentiation during development of D. melanogaster with lipidomics and proteomics approaches. In all higher organism cells take diverse functional responsibilities. In that regard it can be observed that cells, forming specialized tissues, contain specific lipidomes. Interestingly, functions and specific lipid compositions are assigned during embryogenesis and we do not fully understand how this is happening. From this perspective we want to learn how, when and where specific lipidomes are established in the course of tissue differentiation.


Dominik Schwudke was a member of the NCBS faculty and the first NCBS-Merck & Co International Investigator. After the term at NCBS, Dominik is heading the Department of Bioanalytical Chemistry at the Research Center Borstel (Leibniz-Center for Medicine and Biosciences)

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