Demo Simulation :

On these pages we present complete simulations to supplement selected publications. These simulations are usually in the form of 'demonstration' simulations that will run with minimal user involvement. The demonstrations typically generate figures reported in our publications and are intended to make it absolutely explicit how the simulation results were obtained. There are also numerous supplementary simulations that for reasons of space were not incorporated into the print publications, but may be valuable for further understanding the model and its biological implications.
The demonstration simulations run with GENESIS and Kinetikit.
Although Kinetikit is designed as a friendly graphical interface, its data storage format is somewhat difficult. Users who wish to use the parameters in other contexts are referred to the DOQCS database, where these and many other signaling models are stored in a more accessible manner.

Selected publications with demonstration simulations and supplementary material:

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FindSim:a Framework for Integrating Neuronal Data and Signaling Models