Updated : Jan 2024

I. Collaborations and long-term lab exchanges:

Our lab is open to collaborative and exchange visits from other research institutions. These are typically initiated by PIs who would like to send over students or post-docs on collaborative projects. We look forward especially to long-term visits involving projects of mutual interest."

II. Project positions:

The Bhalla lab is currently focussing on completion of several ongoing projects, and therefore does not expect to open internship or JRF positions for 2024 summer. Thus, we cannot host internships, JRFs, project trainees, project assistants, research assistants, or similar positions where the candidate would like to work on an NCBS-funding position for a short period of a few months. We are also unable to help with internships where students have some months of experience required for their Master's program at a college. Therefore I am not able to take even very talented applicants for those positions.
I encourage such applicants to also consider the work of other researchers at NCBS, particularly the Centre for Living Matter programme for interdisciplinary candidates.

III. Summer student and short-term trainees:

For the present and coming year (2023-2024) the lab has already accepted two applications through the Indian Academy of Sciences summer student programme, and will not be hosting any further summer students or trainees for this year. Any people interested for the next year should apply through next year's Indian Academy of Sciences programme directly which has its own student assignment process.