Only independent users who has been trained and authorized by EM facility are allowed to use the sample preparation equipments, TEM and SEM. Users are advised to use the TEM and SEM only after scheduling the booking using ONLINE Scheduler. Fresh users should use the equipments only under the supervision of the facility personnel.

Standard users are allowed to use the microscope from 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday. Higher level users are allowed to use the microscope at any time. However, for the use of the Electron Microscopes after hours, standard users should consult the EM staff for after hours access.

Cancellation of reserved sessions must be made at least four hours in advance or the users will still be charged for the time they reserved. A reservation which is not taken in half an hour would be cancelled and be available to other users.

Most of the sample preparation equipment is available for use after office hours also.

NCBS, inStem faculty members must be responsible for their staff and students who use the facility and any costs is incurred.

Entry should be made in the log book before starting the instrument (even if you are using EM computer for past data analysis, the entry in the log book is necessary) and after finishing the session.

Before starting to image, check room temperature which should be between 21-240C (except Cryo preparation which requires much lower RT and humidity conditions). In case of cryo set up usage, ensure the dehumidifier is on.

Only the user and PI is allowed to stay while imaging (This is to minimize the vibrations and temperature fluctuations in the room).

User is required to clean the workspace and restore the equipment to prior condition after usage and dispose the waste properly as per the safety regulations.

User is required to report to EM staff immediately of any breakage / spill / malfunction / injury.


With your PI permission, contact Head EM Facility to formally inform about your interest in becoming user for EM.

Submit the application available in Intranet---navigation---facilities---EM---online forms, duly approved by your respective PI. Attend the 4-5 hrs lecture series and follow the study material for the qualifying test. The qualifying test will be within fortnight from the date of completion of the classes. Practical training on Module 1and 2 of TEM and SEM course,he/she has to complete the modules period of 45 days.

Trainees will become qualified users of the EM on completion of Modules 1 and 2. Those who fail to complete Modules 1 and 2 within this period will have to join the back end of the queue for EM training.

Users who give a gap of four months or more for imaging, have to appear for a viva and practical test before using the EM or they can opt to undergo module 2 followed by the test.

Refer to Intranet for ‘Training Schedule for EM’ for details on training modules and time allotted for each module.


No user/trainee will be allowed to use the facility without prior booking or advance information to the facility staff (through email).

In case you are canceling a slot, write an email to in advance. If you have a slot booked, call the previous user and request him/her to leave the filament on in case of TEM and EHT on in case of SEM for you, preventing frequent on/off of filament.

Bring your own consumables for your respective experiment.

Reference EM books are available in the facility. You can borrow it for a day. Fridays are the maintenance days for EM facility and therefore avoid booking especially on Friday afternoons.

Warning: All users must save and transfer their data and images from the local computer to the data specific computer at the end of each microscopy session.

It is strongly recommended that users download their data and images from the EM data specific computer server to their own computers via intranet server \\ followed by lab username and password or using DVD within *seven* days after completion of each microscopy session. The Electron Microscopy Center will not be responsible for any data loss due to failure to download data within the recommended time or server malfunctions. Usage of USB port is strictly prohibited.

For the Tomography reconstruction work, pl use the computer which is dedicated for the same in EM facility. Never remove the USB like gadget from the computer dedicated for Tomography Reconstruction. It is a software license key.


If any of the rules mentioned above are violated, the following penalty will be awarded.

First time: warning.

Second time: 1st yellow card – 15 days suspension.

Third time: 2nd yellow card – 30 days suspension.

Fourth time: Red card – indefinite suspension of user ship under habitual offender act.


User is required to acknowledge the use of EM facility in the publications and presentations as follows:

The authors acknowledge the facilities, and the scientific and technical assistance of the Electron Microscopy Facility at “National Centre for Biological Sciences-TIFR, Bangalore”

Significant scientific and intellectual contribution from EM facility staff during the project through collaboration and/or supervision warrants the co-authorship on the resulting publication.



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