We are looking for highly motivated students who are excited to work in integrative structural biology. The lab is an interdisciplinary environment and currently has students from biology, medicine, physics, chemistry, computer science, and engineering backgrounds. Folks who'd like to cross-train (e.g., biologists who are curious about programming, or computer scientists who'd like to develop tools for biology) are most welcome.


We are a computational lab and students must be interested to do computer programming. Prior programming background is helpful, but an analytical bent of mind, curiosity, and initiative are more important. 


Lab positions


1. PhD student  

PhD students usually come through the NCBS-TIFR GS admissions

New! We are also now part of the new interdisciplinary TIFR-Pol PhD program for those who are from a quantitative background and are interested to pursue Biology research. 

Students with national fellowships (CSIR-NET, GATE, and others) are welcome to contact us directly.


2. Postdoctoral Scholar

We have an open position. Please see lab website for applying. 


3. Masters thesis students, Summer internship, Project Assistant, JRFs 

These positions are for persons with previous computational biology/programming experience who can commit a minimum of eight months.  

Summer interns come usually via the Indian Academy of Sciences Summer Research Fellowship. 

We are not hiring for these positions in 2023 and are unable to reply to individual emails.  

See more at the lab website https://isblab.ncbs.res.in