Integrative Structural Biology @ NCBS

We are a new interdisciplinary research group at NCBS in the area of computational structural biology. Broadly, we seek to understand details of biological processes by characterizing the structures of proteins in binary complexes, macromolecular assemblies, and nanoscale architectures. These structures hint at basic architectural design principles in biology, and are key to understanding how molecular machines function, how they evolved, how they assemble, and how they are regulated.

Our main focus is in developing rigorous methods (and software) for computational modeling of protein organization at the above scales.

These methods make structure determination more accurate and efficient by improving upon approaches that are ad hoc, semi-automated, based on trial-and-error, and/or require manual expert intervention.

For this purpose, we are inspired by algorithms from computational statistics, statistical physics, machine learning, computer vision, and graph theory.

Our methods contribute to an enhanced understanding of cellular processes and human disease.

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We welcome collaborators who can benefit from our expertise in integrative multi-scale modeling of protein complexes and assemblies.


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