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Genetics and Development

P   V   S H I V A P R A S A D
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Brief CV:

Post Doc

  • Post Doctoral Research Associate in Prof. Sir David Baulcombe’s Laboratory, Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Post Doctoral Fellowship (EMBO) in Prof. Thomas Hohn’s Laboratory, University of Basel, Switzerland


  • PhD: Madurai Kamaraj University, School of Biotechnology and Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel, Switzerland
  • M. Sc: in applied Botany, Mangalore University, India

Research Interests:

Interest in our new lab will be on three broad areas: Plant Epigenetics using rice as a model system, Plant DNA viruses as novel vectors and Mechanism of action of core gene silencing proteins such as Dicer-Like (DCL) and Argonautes (AGO).

Five Key publications:

  1. Padubidri Shivaprasad, Ho-Ming, Kanu Patel, Donna Bond, and David Baulcombe (2012). A micro RNA superfamily regulates disease resistance via effects on NBS-LRR mRNAs and secondary siRNAs. Plant Cell 24: 859-874. See highlight in The Plant Cell 24: 840 (

  2. Padubidri Shivaprasad, R. Dunn, B. Santos, A. Bassett, and D.C. Baulcombe (2012). Extraordinary transgressive phenotypes of hybrids are influenced by epigenetics and small silencing RNAs. EMBO J. 31:257-266. See highlight in Nature Review Genetics (, Commentary in EMBO J. ( ) and News article in Cambridge University news ( updated-min=2011-01-01T00:00:00Z&updated-max=2012-01-01T00:00:00Z&max-results=13).

  3. Padubidri V. Shivaprasad, R. Rajeswaran, T. Blevins, J. Schoelz, F. Meins, Jr, T. Hohnand M. M. Pooggin (2008). The CaMV transactivator/viroplasmin interferes with RDR6-dependent trans-acting and secondary siRNA pathways in Arabidopsis. Nucleic Acids Res. 36: 5896-5909.

  1. P.V. Shivaprasad, R. Akbergenov, D. Trinks, R. Rajeswaran, K. Veluthambi, Thomas Hohn and Mikhail Pooggin (2005). Promoters, transcripts and regulatory proteins of Mungbean yellow mosaic geminivirus. Journal of Virology 79:8149-8163.

  2. M. M. Pooggin, P.V. Shivaprasad, K. Veluthambi, and T. Hohn. (2003). RNAi targeting DNA virus in plants. Nature Biotechnology 21:131-132.