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Loss of function of Oryza sativa Argonaute 18 induces male sterility and reduction in phased small RNAs Das, Soumita, Chenna Swetha, Kannan Pachamuthu, Ashwin Nair, and P. V. Shivaprasad. Plant Reproduction (2020): 1-15. 

A conserved sequence signature is essential for robust plant miRNA biogenesis, Anushree Narjala, Ashwin Nair, Varsha Tirumalai, G Vivek Hari Sundar, Padubidri V Shivaprasad - Nucleic Acids Research, February 2020. [Summary].

miR828 and miR858 regulate VvMYB114 to promote anthocyanin and flavonol accumulation in grapes. V Tirumalai, C Swetha, A Nair, A Pandit, PV Shivaprasad, Journal of Experimental Botany, May 2019. [Press Release]

Major domestication-related phenotypes in indica rice are due to loss of miRNA-mediated laccase silencing Chenna Swetha, Debjani Basu, Kannan Pachamuthu, Varsha Tirumalai, Ashwin Nair, Melvin Prasad, Padubidri V. Shivaprasad - The Plant Cell, 2018 (Breakthrough Report)  [Press Release]

Molecular characterization of a new begomovirus infecting Synedrella nodiflora in South India S Das, A Hegde, PV Shivaprasad - Archives of virology, 2018 

Methylglyoxal detoxification by a DJ-1 family protein provides dual abiotic and biotic stress tolerance in transgenic plants P Melvin, K Bankapalli, P D'Silva, PV Shivaprasad - Plant Molecular Biology, 2017

Biochemical requirements for two dicer-like activities from wheat germ PV Shivaprasad, T Hohn, R Akbergenov - PloS one, 2015

Diversity, expression and mRNA targeting abilities of Argonaute-targeting miRNAs among selected vascular plants Jagtap S, PV Shivaprasad - BMC genomics, 2014

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A microRNA superfamily regulates nucleotide binding site–leucine-rich repeats and other mRNAs PV Shivaprasad, HM Chen, K Patel, DM Bond… - The Plant Cell, 2012

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