Brief CV:

Post Doc

Post Doctoral Research Associate: Prof. Sir David Baulcombe’s Laboratory, Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge, UK
Post Doctoral Fellowship (EMBO): Prof. Thomas Hohn’s Laboratory, University of Basel, Switzerland


PhD: Madurai Kamaraj University, School of Biotechnology and Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel, Switzerland
M. Sc: Applied Botany, Mangalore University, India

Research Interests:

Interest in our lab is on three broad areas:

A. Biogenesis and functions of small RNAs in various plant model systems.

B. Understanding small RNA directed Epigenetics using rice and its wild relatives as models.

C. Mechanism of action of core gene silencing proteins such as Dicer-Like (DCL) and Argonautes (AGO).

Five Key publications:

Padubidri Shivaprasad, Ho-Ming, Kanu Patel, Donna Bond, and David Baulcombe (2012). A micro RNA superfamily regulates disease resistance via effects on NBS-LRR mRNAs and secondary siRNAs. Plant Cell 24: 859-874. See highlight in The Plant Cell 24: 840 (

Padubidri Shivaprasad, R. Dunn, B. Santos, A. Bassett, and D.C. Baulcombe (2012). Extraordinary transgressive phenotypes of hybrids are influenced by epigenetics and small silencing RNAs. EMBO J. 31:257-266. See highlight in Nature Review Genetics (, Commentary in EMBO J.( ) and News article in Cambridge University news ( updated-min=2011-01-01T00:00:00Z&updated-max=2012-01-01T00:00:00Z&max-results=13).

Padubidri V. Shivaprasad, R. Rajeswaran, T. Blevins, J. Schoelz, F. Meins, Jr, T. Hohnand M. M. Pooggin (2008). The CaMV transactivator/viroplasmin interferes with RDR6-dependent trans-acting and secondary siRNA pathways in Arabidopsis. Nucleic Acids Res. 36: 5896-5909.

P.V. Shivaprasad, R. Akbergenov, D. Trinks, R. Rajeswaran, K. Veluthambi, Thomas Hohn and Mikhail Pooggin (2005). Promoters, transcripts and regulatory proteins of Mungbean yellow mosaic geminivirus. Journal of Virology 79:8149-8163.

M. M. Pooggin, P.V. Shivaprasad, K. Veluthambi, and T. Hohn. (2003). RNAi targeting DNA virus in plants. Nature Biotechnology 21:131-132.