Dr. Deepti Trivedi, PhD

Dr. Trivedi received her M.Sc. by research degree from National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore and PhD degree from University of Cambridge, UK. Her research at NCBS and Cambridge were focused on Drosophila genetics – Genetic basis of olfactory learning and visual transduction, respectively.  She received the prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship for her doctoral studies.  Following this, she did her postdoctoral studies in University of California, and Texas USA in mouse and Drosophila genetics studying intracellular trafficking in rod cells and motor neurons respectively. She has extensively used Drosophila and mouse genetics, including genetic engineering, and transgenesis as tools to understand fundamental biological phenomena. Dr.Trivedi joined CCAMP/NCBS in December 2013 as a technology scientist to develop and establish new technologies in Drosophila Genome Engineering.  As facility-in charge, she provides support to the academia in their research.