The NCBS news effort has completed 8 vibrant years communicating articles and announcements lauding research achievements amongst the scientific community on campus. The news team’s focus is to convey in a creative and classic manner, the diversity and often ingenious strategies research on
this campus takes in addressing biological questions. Students and researchers have largely contributed much to this endeavour, and continue to do so. Since news from campus is now accessed by a wide range of readers, our researchers on campus form an editorial net to ensure that each story article maintains the essence of science and conforms to the highest standard of quality. The news team now manages a diverse portfolio of publication and event specific articles, profile interviews, photo stories and news on outreach programs.

We also utilise social media platforms to deliver news, and efforts are underway to integrate our news stories with multiple media forms such as videos, animation clips and podcasts.

A list of news stories that have recently appeared in print and online media about the research/events on campus can be accessed here.