4th Bangalore Stem Cell Course
20th September to 1st October 2010
Venue: National Centre for Biological Sciences, TIFR


Jyotsna Dhawan, inStem, Bangalore
M.M. Panicakr, NCBS-TIFR, Bangalore
Yashoda Ghanekar, inStem, Bangalore


Reprogramming differentiated somatic cells into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) using a set of defined factors is one of the most exciting discoveries in recent years. It has offered new opportunities to generate customised iPS cells and their directed differentiation into specific cells of interest in vitro and will contribute greatly to our understanding of stem cell biology, regenerative medicine and drug discovery. InStem is organising the 4th Bangalore Stem Cell Course designed to provide hands-on training for deriving, culturing and characterising embryonic stem cells and iPS cells for researchers intending to work in the field of induced pluripotent stem cells. The course will also include a series of lectures that will discuss diverse topics including basic stem cell biology, current challenges in iPS cells, cancer stem cells, epigenetics, ethics and quality control. The course is aimed at facilitating stem cell research in India. PIs who have obtained funding from DBT/DST/ICMR specifically to study stem cells have nominated one individual from their group who will benefit from this training and will use it to further their ongoing research.   The organizing committee has invited a total of 12 participants for the 12 day residential course. Funding for this workshop is provided by InStem/DBT and Invitrogen.

Course Schedule