List of Publications (Year-wise)


Publications in 2023

  • Krishnan S Iyer, Chaitra Prabhakara, Satyajit Mayor and Madan Rao. Cellular compartmentalisation and receptor promiscuity as a strategy for accurate and robust inference of position during morphogenesisbioRxiv preprint (2022); accepted in eLife (2023).

Publications in 2022

  • Madhusmita Tripathy, Anand Srivastava, Srikanth Sastry and Madan Rao, Protein as evolvable functionally-constrained amorphous matter, bioRxiv 2022.07.17.500335; doi: (2022);  J. Biosci. 47, 73-84 (2022).
  • Ishutesh Jain, Madan Rao and Phong T. Tran, Optimal reliability, robustness and control of nucleus centering in fission yeast is contingent on nonequilibrium force patterning, bioRxiv 2022.06.28.497980; doi:
  • Chaitra Prabhakara, Krishnan S Iyer, Madan Rao, Timothy E Saunders, and Satyajit Mayor, Quantitative analysis of three-dimensional cell organisation and concentration profiles within curved epithelial tissues, bioRxiv preprint doi: 2022.05.16.492131 (2022), accepted in Cell Reports Methods.
  • Afroze Chimthanawala, Jyotsana Parmar, Sujan Kumar, Krishnan S. Iyer, Madan Rao, Anjana Badrinarayanan. SMC protein RecN drives RecA filament translocation for in vivo homology search. bioRxiv 2021.08.16.456443 (2021); PNAS 119, e2209304119 (2022).
  • Jyoti Prasad Banerjee, Rituparno Mandal, Deb Sankar Banerjee, Shashi Thutupalli, Madan Rao, Unjamming and emergent nonreciprocity in active ploughing through a compressible viscoelastic fluid. arXiv:2109.10438v2 [cond-mat.soft] (2021); Nat. Comm. 13, 4533 (2022).
  • N. Ramakrishnan, Kripa Gowrishankar, Lakshmi Kuttippurathu,  P. B. Sunil Kumar,  Madan Rao. Active remodeling of chromatin and implications for in-vivo folding. J. Phys. Chem. B 126, 100-109 (2022).
  • Ajay Bansal, Amit Das and Madan Rao. Active Segregation Dynamics in the Living Cell. bioRxiv 2021.11.20.469404, Physical Views of Cellular Processes: A Special issue in Biophysics, Indian J. Phys. 96, 2567-2576 (2022)
  • Suvrajit Saha, Amit Das, Chandrima Patra, Anupama Ambika Anilkumar, Parijat Sil, Satyajit Mayor and Madan Rao. Active emulsions in living cell membranes driven by contractile stresses and transbilayer coupling. arXiv:2204.00978 [cond-mat.soft], /10.1073/pnas.2123056119, PNAS 119, e2123056119 (2022).
  • Agnish Kumar Behera, Madan Rao, Srikanth Sastry, Suriyanarayanan Vaikuntanathan. Enhancing associative memory recall in non-equilibrium materials through activity. arXiv:2203.03024 [cond-mat.dis-nn, cond-mat.stat-mech] (2022).
  • Kabir Husain, Sriram Ramaswamy, Madan Rao. Robust Molecular Computation by Active Mechanics. arXiv:2204.04838 [cond-mat.soft], (2022).

Publications in 2021

  • S K Raj Hossein, Rituparno Mandal, Madan Rao. Stratification, multivalency and turnover of the active cortical machinery are required for steady active contractile flows at the cell surfacearXiv:2105.11358 [cond-mat.soft] (2021).

Publications in 2020

  • Abrar A. Bhat, Amit Das, Kabir Husain, Madan Rao, Darius V. Koster and Satyajit Mayor. Differential Actin Binding Affinity Leads to Protein Sorting in a Reconstituted Active Composite Layer. Biophys. J. 118, 165a (2020).
  • Amit Das, Abrar Bhat, Rastko Sknepnek, Darius Koster, Satyajit Mayor, Madan Rao. Stratification relieves constraints from steric hindrance in the generation of compact acto-myosin asters at the membrane cortex. Sci. Adv. 6, eaay6093 (2020).
  • Rituparno Mandal, Pranab Jyoti Bhuyan, Pinaki Chaudhuri, Chandan Dasgupta, Madan Rao. Extreme active matter at high densities. Nat. Comm. 11, 2581 (2020).; arXiv:1902.05484 [cond-mat.soft].

Publications in 2019

  • Rituparno Mandal, Pranab Jyoti Bhuyan, Pinaki Chaudhuri, Chandan Dasgupta, Madan Rao, Extreme active matter at high densities, arXiv:1902.05484 [cond-mat.soft] (2019).
  • Amit Singh Vishen, Jacques Prost and Madan Rao. Breakdown of effective temperature, power law interactions and self-propulsion in a momentum conserving active fluid. arXiv:1808. 03091 [] (2019).  Phys. Rev. E 100, 062602 (2019).
  • Richard G. Morris and Madan Rao. Active morphogenesis of epithelial sheets. Phys. Rev. E 100, 022413 (2019).

Publications in 2018

  • Jean-Francois Rupprecht, Amit Singh, G. V. Shivashankar, Madan Rao and Jacques Prost, Maximal fluctuations of confined actomyosin gels: dynamics of the cell nucleus, arXiv:1703.04395 [] (2018). Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 098001 (2018).

  • Joseph Jose Thottacherry, Anita Joanna Kosmalska, Amit Kumar, Amit Singh Vishen, Alberto Elosegui-Artola, Susav Pradhan, Sumit Sharma, Parvinder P. Singh, Marta C. Guadamillas, Natasha Chaudhary, Ram Vishwakarma, Xavier Trepat, Miguel A. del Pozo, Robert G. Parton, Madan Rao, Pramod Pullarkat, Pere Roca-Cusachs, Satyajit Mayor. Mechanochemical feedback control of dynamin independent endocytosis modulates membrane tension in adherent cells. Nat. Comm. 9, 4217 (2018).

  • Suman G. Das, Madan Rao and Garud Iyengar. Cascade of transitions in molecular information theory. arXiv:1804.03827 [cond-mat.stat-mech], J. Stat. Mech 2018, 093402 (2018).

  • Saroj Kumar Nandi, Rituparno Mandal, Pranab Jyoti Bhuyan, Chandan Dasgupta, Madan Rao, and Nir S. Gov. A Random First-Order Transition Theory for an active glass. PNAS 115, 7688-7693 (2018).

  • S.K. Raj Hossein, Rituparno Mandal and Madan Rao. Interacting passive advective scalars in an active medium. arXiv:1712.09029 []. Phys. Rev. E 98, 052608 (2018).

  • Amit Singh, Jean-Francois Rupprecht, G.V. Shivashankar, Jacques Prost, and Madan Rao, Soft inclusion in a confined fluctuating active fluid, arXiv:1703.04401 [ ph] (2018). Phys. Rev. E 97, 032602 (2018).

Publications in 2017

  • Suman G. Das, Madan Rao and Garud Iyengar, Universal lower bound on the free-energy cost of molecular measurements, arXiv:1608.07663v1 [cond-mat.stat-mech] (2016); Phys. Rev. E 95, 062410 (2017).
  • Rituparno Mandal, Pranab Jyoti Bhuyan, Pinaki Chaudhuri, Madan Rao and Chandan Dasgupta, Glassy swirls of active dumbbells, arXiv:1703.05484 [cond-mat.soft] (2017).
  • Richard Morris and Madan Rao, Covariant active hydrodynamics of epithelial tissue morphology, arXiv:1710.09110 [cond-mat.soft] (2017).

Publications in 2016

  • Himani Sachdeva, Mustansir Barma and Madan Rao, Nonequilibrium description of de novo biogenesis and transport through Golgi-like cisternae, Sci. Rep. 6, 38840 (2016); arXiv:1606.01713 [] (2016). 
  • Kabir Husain and Madan Rao, Emergent Structures in an Active Polar Fluid : dynamics of shape, scattering and merger, arXiv:1605.00149 [] (2016); Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 078104 (2016).
  • Debsankar Banerjee, Akankshi Munjal, Thomas Lecuit and Madan Rao, Actomyosin pulsation and symmetry breaking flows in a confined active elastomer subject to affine and nonaffine deformations, arXiv:1606.01713 [] (2016). 
  • Rituparno Mandal, Pranab Jyoti Bhuyan, Madan Rao and Chandan Dasgupta, Active fluidization in dense glassy systems, Soft Matter 12, 6268-6276 (2016). 
  • Kripa Gowrishankar and Madan Rao, Nonequilibrium phase transitions, fluctuations and correlations in an active contractile polar fluid, Soft Matter 12, 2040 (2016).
  • Amit Das, Anirban Polley and Madan Rao, Phase segregation of passive advective particles in an active medium, Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 068306 (2016).
  • Darius V. Koster, Kabir Husain, Elda Iljazi, Peter Bieling, Dyche Mullins, Madan Rao and Satyajit Mayor, Actomyosin drives local membrane composition in an in vitro active composite layer, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sc. 113, 1645-1654 (2016).

Publications in 2015

  • N. Ramakrishnan, Kripa Gowrishankar, Lakshmi Kuttippurathu, P. B. Sunil Kumar and Madan Rao, Active remodeling of chromatin and implications for in-vivo folding, arXiv: 1510.04157 [] (2015). 

  • Suvrajit Saha, Il-Hyung Lee, Anirban Polley, J. T. Groves, Satyajit Mayor and Madan Rao, Diffusion of GPI-anchored proteins is influenced by the activity of dynamic cortical actin, Mol. Bio. Cell 26, 4033-4045 (2015).

  •  Il-Hyung Lee, Suvrajit Saha, Anirban Polley, Hector Huang, Satyajit Mayor, Madan Rao and J. T. Groves, Live Cell plasma membranes do not exhibit a miscibility phase transition over a wide range of temperatures, J. Phys. Chem. B 119, 4450-4459 (2015).

  • Riya Raghupathy, Anupama Ambika Anilkumar, Anirban Polley, Parvinder Pal Singh, Mahipal Yadav, Charles Johnson, Sharad Suryawanshi, Varma Saikam, S.D Sawant, Zhongwu Guo, Ram A Vishwakarma, Madan Rao and Satyajit Mayor, Transbilayer lipid interactions mediate nanoclustering of lipid anchored proteins, Cell 161, 581-594 (2015).

  • N. Ramakrishnan, John H. Ipsen, Madan Rao and P. B. Sunil Kumar, Organelle morphogenesis by active membrane remodeling, Soft Matter 11, 2387-2393 (2015). 

  • Tamoghna Das, Saswati Ganguli, Surajit Sengupta and Madan Rao, Pre-yield non-affine fluctuations and a hidden critical point in strained crystals, Scientific Reports 5, 10644 (2015). 

Publications in 2014

  • Madan Rao and Satyajit Mayor, Active organization of membrane constituents in living cells, Curr. Opin. Cell Biol. 29, 126-132 (2014). 

  • Garud Iyengar and Madan Rao, A Cellular Solution to an Information Processing Problem, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sc. 111, 12402-12407 (2014). 

  • Ananyo Maitra, Pragya Srivastava, Madan Rao and Sriram Ramaswamy, Activating membranes, Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 258101 (2014). 

  • Madan Rao, Active Cellular Mechanics and Information Processing in the Living Cell, pgs. 47-52 in Nature’s Longest Threads : New frontiers in the Mathematics and Physics of Information in Biology, eds. J. Balakrishnan and B.V. Sreekantan, World Scientific, Singapore (2014). 

  • Arya Paul, Surajit Sengupta and Madan Rao, Non-affine fields in solid-solid transformations: the structure and stability of a product droplet, J. Phys. Cond. Mat. 26, 015007 (2014).

  • Anirban Polley, Satyajit Mayor and Madan Rao, Bilayer registry in a multicomponent asymmetric membrane : dependence on lipid composition and chain length, J. Chem. Phys. 141, 064903 (2014). 

Publications in 2013

• Serge Dmitrieff, Madan Rao and Pierre Sens, Quantitative analysis of intra-Golgi transport reveals inter-cisternal exchange for all cargo, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sc. 110, 15692-15697 (2013). 

• Pragya Srivastava, Roie Shlomovitz, Nir S. Gov and Madan Rao, Patterning of polar active filaments on a tense cylindrical membrane, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 168104 (2013).

• M. C. Marchetti, J.-F. Joanny, S. Ramaswamy, T. B. Liverpool, J. Prost, Madan Rao and R. Aditi Simha, Hydrodynamics of Soft Active Matter, Rev. Mod. Phys. 85, 1143 (2013).

• Saswati Ganguly, Surajit Sengupta, Peter Sollich and Madan Rao, Non-affine displacements in crystalline solids in the harmonic limit, Phys. Rev. E 87, 042801 (2013).

• Himani Sachdeva, Mustansir Barma and Madan Rao, Condensation and Intermittency in an Open Boundary Aggregation-Fragmentation Model, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 150601 (2013).

• Pierre Sens and Madan Rao, (Re)Modeling the Golgi, in Methods for analysis of Golgi complex function, eds. Franck Perez and David Stephens, Elsevier Inc. (2013).

Publications in 2012

• Mithilesh Mishra, Yinyi Huang, Pragya Srivastava, Ramanujam Srinivasan, Mayalagu Se- vugan, Roie Shlomovitz, Nir Gov, Madan Rao and Mohan Balasubramanian, Cylindrical Cellular Geometry Ensures Fidelity of Division Site Placement in Fission Yeast, J. Cell Sci. 125, 3850-3857 (2012).

• Shefali Talwar, Abhishek Kumar, Madan Rao, G.I. Menon and G.V. Shivashankar, Stem cell differentiation is accompanied by distinct transitions in chromatin compaction states, Biophys. J. 104, 553-564 (2012).

• A. Polley, S. Vemparala and M. Rao, Atomistic simulations of a multicomponent asym-metric lipid bilayer, J. Phys. Chem. 116, 13403-13410 (2012).

• Feroz M. Hameed, Madan Rao and GV Shivashankar, Dynamics of passive and active particles in the cell nucleus, PLoS ONE 7, e45843 (2012).

• K. Gowrishankar, S. Ghosh, S. Saha, Ruma, C., S. Mayor and M. Rao, Active remodeling of cortical actin regulates spatiotemporal organization of cell surface molecules, Cell 149, 1353-1367 (2012).

Also see : Ivo F. Sbalzarini, Active Flows Cluster Cell Surface Proteins, Developmental Cell 22, 1121-1122 (2012).

• Sarasij R.C., Pragya Srivastava and M. Rao, Textured domains on tense surfaces and membranes : effect of tilt and chirality, Phys. Rev. E 85, 041920 (2012).

• Kripa Gowrishankar and Madan Rao, Nonequilibrium phase transitions in active contractile polar filaments, arXiv:1201.3938 [cond-mat.soft].

• Md. Arif Kamal, A. Pal, V. A. Raghunathan, and M. Rao, Phase behaviour of two- component lipid membranes - theory and experiments, Phys. Rev. E 85, 051701 (2012).

• Garud Iyengar and Madan Rao, Cellular Solution to an Information Processing Problem, IEEE Information Theory Workshop, Lausanne, Sept. 3-7 (2012).

Publications in 2011

• C. Meghana, N. Ramdas, F. M. Hameed, M. Rao, G. V. Shivashankar, and M. Narasimha, Integrin adhesion drives the emergent polarization of active cytoskeletal stresses to pattern cell delamination, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sc. 108, 9107-9112 (2011).

• S. Sengupta, M. Rao and J. Bhattacharya, Early-time particle dynamics and non-affine deformations during microstructure selection in solids, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 23, 295402 (2011). (IOP Select)

• Md. Arif Kamal, A. Pal, V. A. Raghunathan, and M. Rao, Theory of the asymmetric ripple phase in achiral lipid membranes, Europhys. Lett. 95, 48004 (2011).

• Abhishek Chaudhuri, Bhaswati Bhattacharya, Kripa Gowrishankar, Satyajit Mayor and Madan Rao, Spatiotemporal regulation of chemical reactions by active cytoskeletal remodeling, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sc. 108, 14825-14830 (2011).

• Sudipto Muhuri, Lenin Shagolsem and Madan Rao, Bidirectional transport in a multispecies totally asymmetric exclusion-process model, Phys. Rev. E 84, 031921 (2011).

• Himani Sachdeva, Mustansir Barma and Madan Rao, Multispecies model with interconversion, chipping, and injection, Phys. Rev. E 84, 031106 (2011)

• Allen Ehrlicher, Claudia Brunner, Thomas Ruempel, Madan Rao, Sriram Ramaswamy, Daniel Koch, Josef A. Kas. Mechanotaxis reveals that neurons are steered by actin and propelled by microtubules, under review.

Publications in 2010

• A. Paul, S. Sengupta and M. Rao, Plasticity and reversibility of structural transitions in a model solid,, in Proceedings of the International Conference on Martensitic Transformations (ICOMAT-08), eds. G.B.Olson, D.S. Lieberman and A. Saxena, Pgs. 499-505 (2010).

• S. Muhuri and Madan Rao, Sequence dependent elasticity and local stiffness of a DNA heteropolymer, J. Stat. Mech. P02005 (2010).

• M. Maiti, M. Rao and S. Sastry, Competition between folding and aggregation in a model for protein solutions, Eur. Phys. J. E 032, 217-221 (2010).

• F. M. Hameed, D. Bhattacharya, T. Fujiwara, Y. Kimori, N. Morone, S. Mayor, G. V. Shivashankar, A. Kusumi, and M. Rao, Crossover scaling analysis of molecular diffusion reveals presence of cytoskeletal barriers, under review (2010).

• Tamoghna Das, Surajit Sengupta, Madan Rao, Non-affine heterogeneities and droplet fluctuations in an equilibrium crystalline solid, Phys. Rev. E 82, 041115 (2010).

Publications in 2009

• K. Jayasree, P. Ranjith, M. Rao and P.B. Sunil Kumar, Equilibrium properties of a grafted polyelectrolyte with explicit counter ions, J. Chem. Phys. 130, 094901 (2009).

• N. Kikuchi, A. Ehrlicher, D. Koch, J.A. Kas, S. Ramaswamy and M. Rao, Filament in an active medium: buckling, stiffening and negative dissipation, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sc.106, 19776-19779 (2009).

Publications in 2008

• K. Vijay Kumar, S. Ramaswamy and M. Rao, Active elastic dimers : Self-propulsion and current reversals on a featureless track, Phys. Rev. E 77, 020102-020105 (R) (2008).

• J. Bhattacharya, S. Sengupta and M. Rao, Non-affine deformations and shape recovery in solids undergoing martensitic transformations in two dimensions, J. Stat. Mech. 08 ,6003-6009 (2008).

• J. Bhattacharya, A. Paul, S. Sengupta and M. Rao, Non-affine deformation in microstructure selection in solids I: molecular dynamics, J. Phys. Cond. Mat. 20, 365210 (2008).

• A. Paul, J. Bhattacharya, S. Sengupta and M. Rao, Non-affine deformation in microstructure selection in solids II: Elastoplastic theory for the dynamics of solid state transformations, J. Phys. Cond. Mat. 20, 365211(2008)

• Goswami, D., K. Gowrishankar, S. Bilgrami, S. Ghosh, R. Raghupathy, R. Chadda, R.Vishwakarma, M. Rao, and S. Mayor, Nanoclusters of GPI-anchored proteins are formed by cortical actin-driven activity, Cell 135, 1085-1097 (2008).

Publications in 2007

• Sarasij R. C., Satyajit Mayor and Madan Rao, Chirality induced budding : a raft-mediated mechanism for endocytosis and morphology of caveolae ?, Biophys. J. 92, 3140 (2007).

• V.S. Gayathri and M. Rao, Fluctuation induced chiral symmetry breaking in autocatalytic reaction-diffusion systems, Europhys. Lett. 80, 28001 (2007).

• Sarasij R.C. and M. Rao, Chiral tilt texture domains in two dimensions, arXiv:condmat/0703182.

• S. Muhuri, M. Rao and S. Ramaswamy, Shear flow induced isotropic to nematic transition in a suspension of active filaments, Euro. Phys. Lett. 78, 48002 (2007).

• S. Ramaswamy and M. Rao, Active filament hydrodynamics : instabilities, boundary conditions and rheology, New J. Phys. 9, 423-431 (2007).

Publications in 2005

• M. Rao and S. Mayor, Use of Forster’s resonance energy transfer microscopy to study lipid rafts, Biochim. Biophy. Acta - Mol Cell Res. 1746, 221 (2005).

• A. Chaudhuri, S. Sengupta and M. Rao, Stress relaxation in a perfect nanocrystal by coherent ejection of lattice layers, Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 266103 (2005). Erratum: Phys.Rev. Lett. 96, 179906 (2006). (vjnano)

Publications in 2004

• P. Sharma, R. Varma, Sarasij R. C., Ira, K. Gousset, G.Krishnamoorthy, M. Rao and S. Mayor, Nanoscale Organization of Multiple GPI-anchored proteins in living cell membranes, Cell 116, 577 (2004).

• Y. Hatwalne, S. Ramaswamy, M. Rao and R. A. Simha, Rheology of active-particle suspensions, Phys. Rev. Lett. 92, 118101 (2004).

• M. Rao and S. Sengupta, A mesocopic model of a two dimensional solid-state structural transformation:statics and dynamics, J. Phys. : Cond Mat. 16, 7733 (2004).

• S. Mayor and M. Rao, Rafts : Scale-dependent, active lipid organization at the cell surface, Traffic 5, 231 (2004).

• J.Das, M. Rao and S.Ramaswamy, Nonequilibrium steady states of the isotropic classical magnet, arXiv:cond-mat/0404071 (2004).

Publications in 2003

• M. Rao and S. Sengupta, Nucleation of solids in solids - ferrites and martensites, Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 045502 (2003). Erratum: Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 209901 (2003).

• S. Sengupta and M. Rao, Statistical mechanics of nucleation in solids : a kinetics driven morphological transition, Physica A 318, 251 (2003).

Publications in 2002

• Sarasij R.C. and M. Rao, Tilt texture domains and chirality induced budding, Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 088101 (2002).

• J. Das, M. Rao and S. Ramaswamy, Driven Heisenberg Magnets : Nonequilibrium Criticality, Spatiotemporal Chaos and Control, Europhys. Lett. 60, 418 (2002).

Publications in 2001

• M. Rao and Sarasij R. C., Active Fusion and Fission Processes on a Fluid Membrane, Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 128101 (2001).

• S. Ramaswamy and M. Rao, The Physics of Active Membranes, C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris 2 , IV, 817 (2001).

Publications in 2000

• J. Das and M. Rao, Ordering Dynamics of Heisenberg Spins with Torque: Crossover, spin waves and defects, Phys. Rev. E 62, 1601 (2000).

• S. Sengupta, P. Nielaba, M. Rao and K. Binder, Elastic Constants from Microscopic Strain Fluctuations, Phys. Rev. E 61, 1072 (2000).

Publications in 1995-1999

• M. Rao and S. Sengupta, Arrested States in Solids, Curr. Sc. 77, 382 (1999).

• J. Das and M. Rao, Dynamics of Ordering of Isotropic Magnets, Physica A 270, 253(1999).

• M. Rao and S. Sengupta, Statistical Mechanics of the Habit Plane, IMSc preprint (1998).

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• M. Rao and A. Chakrabarti, Slow Domain Growth in a System with Competing Interactions, Phys. Rev. E 52, R13 (1995).

Publications in 1991-1994

• M. Rao, The λ Exponent for Conservative Systems, ICTP-preprint, IC/94/137 (1994).

• C. Yeung, M. Rao and R. C. Desai, Temporal Fluctuations and Hurst Exponents of Gold- stone and Massive Modes, Phys. Rev. Lett. 73, 1813 (1994).

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