The research in our lab is highly interdisciplinary and we welcome applications from both biologists interested in quantitative techniques and analysis as well as physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists and engineers who want to learn quantitative biology to better pursue interesting questions.

Postdoctoral positions: Please send your application, a research statement and CV to shashi |at| ncbs |dot| res |dot| in. If you are in or around Bangalore, please stop by. Some exciting possibilities for exceptional postdoctoral candidates to work with us are below:



PhD positions: Please apply directly to the NCBS Graduate Program or the ICTS Graduate Program.  My colleagues and I at the Simons Center for the Study of Living Machines and at the Physical Biology Research Group particularly encourage applications from students with physics/maths/engineering/ computer-science backgrounds, and have a strong curiosity about biology.

JRFs/Graduate Trainees: Please apply if you have qualified for funding and are looking for exciting projects at the interface of Physics/Maths/Engineering and Biology.

Undergraduates: We usually have a few undergraduates doing their final year projects or other short term projects with us. At steady state we expect this number to be between 2 and 4 at any given time.