Our research program combines experiment and theory to investigate the origins and self-organization of living systems. Broadly, we pursue two approaches:
de novo construction of synthetic mimics of living matter

  • Self-replication and origin of life scenarios (Jyoti Prasad Banerjee, Vishrut Patel)
  • Self-assembly and collective behaviour in active systems (Harvey Devereux, Ashwini Krishna, Shashwat Kumar, Aniruddh Murli)
probing the physical basis of organization in living systems

  • Dynamics in response to fluctuating environments and extreme perturbations (Kushal Appilineni, Godwin Stephenson, Charuhansini Kulkarni, Mansi Srivastava)
  • Physical basis of cellular antigen processing (Manoj Kumar)
  • Phage-bacteria interactions (Godwin Stephenson, Amit Nadig)
  • Chemical gradients in regenerating organisms
  • Chemical reactions in crowded environments (Anupam Singh, Manoj Kumar)
  • Cellular growth and death laws (Godwin Stephenson, Chandan Reddy)