Based on performance in the TIFR/JGEEBILS exam held on Mar 7, 2021, the following candidates are invited to submit a full application. This will be used by the following Centres/Institutions to shortlist candidates for interviews: DBS-TIFR (Mumbai); TCIS-TIFR (Hyderabad); NCBS-TIFR/inStem (Bangalore). Each Centre/Institution makes decisions to shortlist candidates independently, based on the material submitted in the full application.

Please use the Reference Code to access and download the Application Form (.doc format) and review the information requested before completing the form. Candidates should have already received a password by email. You can also click "Forgot Password" to generate a new password. Once you complete all the sections, save the document in PDF format and upload the form as indicated.

Your referees must submit their reports electronically to us. To activate this section of the process, please click the "Referee Report" button. You will have to provide the details (name and current email IDs) for two referees. The referees will be contacted automatically at the email IDs provided by you, and requested to submit their confidential assessment. We strongly encourage you to provide institutional email IDs for your referees. You will receive a notification when your referees are contacted and are responsible for ensuring that the reports are sent in on time.

There is no provision to submit the Application Form or Referee Reports offline. Incomplete application forms or those not supported by Referee Reports are invalid and not processed further.

Candidates are shortlisted for interviews by each Centre/Institution on the basis of the statement of interest, scientific and extra-curricular efforts, academic performance, Referee Reports, and scores/ranks in written tests. If you are shortlisted for interview, you will receive a call letter directly from the relevant Centre(s)/Institution(s). The dates for the interviews will be mentioned in this call letter.

For any deviations from this procedure you must obtain approval and instructions by writing to

Centres/Institutions will consider any and all applications received before the following dates. You only need to submit a single Application Form.

DBS-TIFR: 13/04/2021

TCIS-TIFR: 13/04/2021

NCBS-TIFR/inStem: 13/04/2021

ICTS-TIFR: 13/04/2021


Name Application Seq No
Aabha Thite GS2021BIOPHD029129
Aakansha Gupta GS2021BIOPHD013885
Aakhya Rastogi GS2021BIOPHD001766
Aamna GS2021BIOPHD004235
Aamna Jain GS2021BIOPHD007812
Aarjith Damian Davis GS2021BIOPHD008363
Aarti Hansda GS2021BIOPHD014509
Aayush Bahl GS2021BIOPHD003894
Aayushi Vishnoi GS2021BIOPHD030441
Abdul Basit Khan GS2021BIOPHD008656
Abdul Jaleel K V GS2021BIOPHD023025
Abdul Rahman GS2021BIOPHD011641
Abhijeet Singh GS2021BIOPHD022170
Abhilash Rayaguru GS2021BIOPHD023755
Abhimanyu Bhardwaj GS2021BIOPHD002749
Abhirami M Jayakumar GS2021BIOPHD004775
Abhirami P S GS2021BIOPHD002173
Abhishek Banerjee GS2021BIOPHD019242
Abhishek Barua GS2021BIOPHD016876
Abhishek Gupta GS2021BIOPHD009011
Abhishek Singh GS2021BIOPHD004617
Abhranil Gangopadhayya GS2021BIOPHD022884
Abirami B GS2021BIOPHD007752
Aboli Shrikant Varunjkar GS2021BIOPHD027860
Achintya Srivastava GS2021BIOPHD000507
Adarsh Nair GS2021BIOPHD031595
Adarshan S GS2021BIOPHD009364
Adesh Kumar GS2021BIOPHD026725
Aditi Nishikant Deshpande GS2021BIOPHD028461
Aditi Singh GS2021BIOPHD014075
Aditya Dod GS2021BIOPHD015622
Aditya Goel GS2021BIOPHD003960
Aditya Khandelwal GS2021BIOPHD031539
Aditya Pradeepbhai Joshi GS2021BIOPHD018490
Aiendrila Roy GS2021BIOPHD026319
Aiindrila Dhara GS2021BIOPHD010454
Aindrila Kabiraj GS2021BIOPHD012735
Aisha Shigna N GS2021BIOPHD002831
Aishi Dasgupta GS2021BIOPHD018276
Aishwarya Bhatta GS2021BIOPHD009057
Aishwarya Dilip Rajurkar GS2021BIOPHD028554
Aiswarya Sivanand GS2021BIOPHD021205
Ajay Kumar Dhyani GS2021BIOPHD011022
Akanksha Banerjee GS2021BIOPHD015025
Akanksha Khosla GS2021BIOPHD007030
Akansha Singh GS2021BIOPHD018075
Akash Chatterjee GS2021BIOPHD031655
Akash Maity GS2021BIOPHD016474
Akash Saraswat GS2021BIOPHD030899
Akbar Hussain GS2021BIOPHD016377
Akhil Kumar GS2021BIOPHD025682
Akshaya R GS2021BIOPHD001304
Akshaykumar Babubhai Chaudhari GS2021BIOPHD009835
Akshita Chaudhary GS2021BIOPHD019941
Akshita Singh GS2021BIOPHD009114
Alankrita Singh GS2021BIOPHD018737
Aleena Aruparayil GS2021BIOPHD004458
Aleena Mariya Davis GS2021BIOPHD020534
Alka Kumari GS2021BIOPHD004130
Alok Anand GS2021BIOPHD009910
Alok Barik GS2021BIOPHD015291
Amal Reji GS2021BIOPHD020796
Aman GS2021BIOPHD027266
Amir Suhail U GS2021BIOPHD029916
Amit Dey GS2021BIOPHD028760
Amit Dobhal Dobhal GS2021BIOPHD022389
Amit Khatri GS2021BIOPHD008634
Amit Kumar GS2021BIOPHD027500
Amit Kumar Sahu GS2021BIOPHD014321
Amjadudheen Vp GS2021BIOPHD031627
Amlan Priyadarshee Mohapatra GS2021BIOPHD027792
Amrita Bhattacharya GS2021BIOPHD020997
Amrita Goswami GS2021BIOPHD030497
Amrita Singh GS2021BIOPHD018177
Amrutamaya Behera GS2021BIOPHD019266
Anagha Ajit Bhagat GS2021BIOPHD001497
Anamika Sen GS2021BIOPHD020441
Anandhu J GS2021BIOPHD028392
Ananta GS2021BIOPHD025643
Ananya Asthana GS2021BIOPHD001439
Ananya Chandra GS2021BIOPHD011982
Ananya Chatterjee GS2021BIOPHD001349
Ananya Chatterjee GS2021BIOPHD009406
Anchal Gupta GS2021BIOPHD022758
Angeo Saji GS2021BIOPHD004675
Aniket Kumar GS2021BIOPHD028729
Aniket Modak GS2021BIOPHD029960
Animesh Chaurasia GS2021BIOPHD009319
Anindita . GS2021BIOPHD013734
Anirban Adhikary GS2021BIOPHD027379
Anirban Mukherjee GS2021BIOPHD006940
Anish Ganju GS2021BIOPHD012802
Anita Nandi GS2021BIOPHD023778
Anjali Divakar Patil GS2021BIOPHD016708
Anjali Rajhans GS2021BIOPHD004931
Anjana GS2021BIOPHD010817
Anjana A GS2021BIOPHD023474
Anjitha Shivadas Nair GS2021BIOPHD029035
Ankit Jha GS2021BIOPHD017577
Ankita Baliram Shandul GS2021BIOPHD026536
Ankita Bhattacharyya GS2021BIOPHD025300
Ankita Das GS2021BIOPHD020668
Ankita Dash GS2021BIOPHD030952
Ankita Dutta Chowdhury GS2021BIOPHD001575
Ankita Ghosh GS2021BIOPHD017599
Ankita Khanna GS2021BIOPHD004185
Ankita Kumari GS2021BIOPHD026568
Ankita Nath GS2021BIOPHD007919
Ankita Paul GS2021BIOPHD013954
Ankur Chatterjee GS2021BIOPHD017256
Ankush Kumar Sharma GS2021BIOPHD030770
Ankush Sharma GS2021BIOPHD000359
Ann Mary Isaac GS2021BIOPHD016555
Anna Cherian GS2021BIOPHD024626
Annette Mariya Tedy GS2021BIOPHD004456
Anoop Kumar Verma GS2021BIOPHD003415
Anoop Ramachandra Bhat GS2021BIOPHD000390
Anshika Srivastav GS2021BIOPHD023690
Anshul Kushwaha GS2021BIOPHD017740
Anshul Mittal GS2021BIOPHD024480
Anuj Singh GS2021BIOPHD029691
Anuma Pallavi GS2021BIOPHD017324
Anumula Venkata Siva Sai Krishna GS2021BIOPHD003828
Anup Kumar Nath GS2021BIOPHD013382
Anup Kumar Prusty GS2021BIOPHD006556
Anupam Das GS2021BIOPHD005594
Anurabh Chakravarty GS2021BIOPHD012322
Anuradha Gupta GS2021BIOPHD015692
Anushka Lather GS2021BIOPHD007963
Anushka Upadhyay GS2021BIOPHD007597
Anuska Singha Singha Roy GS2021BIOPHD026908
Anwesha Chatterjee GS2021BIOPHD011640
Anwesha Paul GS2021BIOPHD010153
Aparajita Kumar GS2021BIOPHD015808
Aparna Ck GS2021BIOPHD006614
Aparna Kelkar GS2021BIOPHD008445
Aparna Rajendra Golani GS2021BIOPHD025951
Aparna Roy GS2021BIOPHD015859
Aparna Somaraj GS2021BIOPHD027004
Apoorva Female Prasad GS2021BIOPHD015712
Apoorva Raj GS2021BIOPHD010099
Apurva Prakash Sonawane GS2021BIOPHD014334
Arabinda Ghosh GS2021BIOPHD028793
Aranya Anunaya GS2021BIOPHD014203
Aravind S GS2021BIOPHD001824
Archana Panwar GS2021BIOPHD009236
Archana R GS2021BIOPHD021001
Archi Bansal GS2021BIOPHD031251
Ardra M GS2021BIOPHD025813
Arghya Nath GS2021BIOPHD005461
Arinjay Madhusudan Gire GS2021BIOPHD016748
Aritra Chakraborty GS2021BIOPHD010771
Arkadeep Pal GS2021BIOPHD007558
Arkaprabha Adhikari GS2021BIOPHD013512
Arkaprabha China GS2021BIOPHD004978
Arnab Mukherjee GS2021BIOPHD017957
Arohi Khurana GS2021BIOPHD019173
Arpana Gupta GS2021BIOPHD001212
Arpit Jain GS2021BIOPHD022882
Arpit Omprakash GS2021BIOPHD020613
Arpit Paliwal GS2021BIOPHD020213
Arpit Tyagi GS2021BIOPHD012603
Arpitha S R GS2021BIOPHD006201
Arshdeep Kaur GS2021BIOPHD005728
Arshida M M GS2021BIOPHD028015
Arushi Jain GS2021BIOPHD015728
Aryama Saikia GS2021BIOPHD025752
Ashish Apkari GS2021BIOPHD016204
Ashish Kumar Panda GS2021BIOPHD012349
Ashitha V V GS2021BIOPHD027951
Ashley Shaji GS2021BIOPHD011389
Ashritha Reddy Kommera GS2021BIOPHD028382
Ashutosh Dash GS2021BIOPHD013017
Ashutosh Kumar Singh GS2021BIOPHD028160
Ashwin Suryanarayanan GS2021BIOPHD018937
Astha Purwar GS2021BIOPHD031230
Asutosh Behera GS2021BIOPHD026832
Aswindas Naduviledathu GS2021BIOPHD029533
Athira Menon GS2021BIOPHD012943
Atreyee Guria GS2021BIOPHD002659
Atridev Pandit GS2021BIOPHD000338
Atul Bahukhandi GS2021BIOPHD005966
Avinash GS2021BIOPHD008365
Avni Alpesh Mehta GS2021BIOPHD010384
Ayan Mandal GS2021BIOPHD026401
Ayesha Nasreen GS2021BIOPHD014012
Ayesha Rahman GS2021BIOPHD020680
Aysha Naurein GS2021BIOPHD019703
Ayush Amod GS2021BIOPHD017027
Ayushi Sharma GS2021BIOPHD020240
Ayyub Rehman GS2021BIOPHD029181
Azeem Abdul Khalam GS2021BIOPHD029007
Azmat Naseem GS2021BIOPHD020700
Badal Maharana GS2021BIOPHD001136
Bani Prasad Swain GS2021BIOPHD012353
Basudha Mishra GS2021BIOPHD017207
Bevan Stanely GS2021BIOPHD008238
Bhabesh Kumar Tripathy GS2021BIOPHD022937
Bhagyalakshmi Balakrishnan GS2021BIOPHD020430
Bhagyashree Panchal GS2021BIOPHD021225
Bhanumita Agrawal GS2021BIOPHD020096
Bhaskar Das GS2021BIOPHD001126
Bhaskar Pant GS2021BIOPHD024047
Bhavana Choudhary GS2021BIOPHD006917
Bhavna GS2021BIOPHD011647
Bhavya Hirenbhai Nanavati GS2021BIOPHD018479
Bhavya Shukla GS2021BIOPHD009603
Bhawana Jain GS2021BIOPHD031643
Bhawna GS2021BIOPHD029016
Bhoomika Manchandia GS2021BIOPHD029532
Bijita Podder GS2021BIOPHD024458
Bijoita Basu GS2021BIOPHD011606
Bilal Ahmad Ahanger GS2021BIOPHD031588
Bipasha Karmakar GS2021BIOPHD031352
Biswaheree Mahananda GS2021BIOPHD000712
Bornika Roy GS2021BIOPHD019578
Brateen Datta GS2021BIOPHD029922
Bristy Ganguly GS2021BIOPHD003190
Buddhabhushan Girish Salve GS2021BIOPHD017728
Bushra Khan GS2021BIOPHD027987
Chakravarthi Marri GS2021BIOPHD028840
Chandan Nandi GS2021BIOPHD021652
Chandana Ramaraja Palli GS2021BIOPHD011335
Chandni Pradeep GS2021BIOPHD016068
Chandrakanth M GS2021BIOPHD027677
Chandrashekhar Jori GS2021BIOPHD007822
Chandrayee Dey GS2021BIOPHD005795
Charisma James GS2021BIOPHD023436
Chayanika Banerjee GS2021BIOPHD014536
Chayanika Gogoi GS2021BIOPHD019185
Chitra Dharmdev Pathak GS2021BIOPHD007550
Chitra Keshwani GS2021BIOPHD005845
Chitra Murmu GS2021BIOPHD021730
Chitransha Singh Sengar GS2021BIOPHD016363
Chudamani Chandrakanta GS2021BIOPHD014255
Chumki Praharaj GS2021BIOPHD024798
Daksha Navneetkumar Munot GS2021BIOPHD019263
Dalvir GS2021BIOPHD020316
Dattatreya Satapathy GS2021BIOPHD024766
Debadrita Samajdar GS2021BIOPHD008000
Debajit Mishra GS2021BIOPHD026479
Debalina Chatterjee GS2021BIOPHD000395
Debarshi Mukherjee GS2021BIOPHD003754
Debashruti Maity GS2021BIOPHD006662
Debasmita Nandi GS2021BIOPHD018864
Debjyoti Ghosh GS2021BIOPHD022764
Debojyoti Chowdhury GS2021BIOPHD009908
Debosmita Ghosh GS2021BIOPHD002580
Debraj Koiri GS2021BIOPHD017347
Deeksha Singh GS2021BIOPHD031342
Deena T David GS2021BIOPHD001427
Deepak GS2021BIOPHD005206
Deepak Das GS2021BIOPHD005960
Deepak Pokhreal GS2021BIOPHD005549
Deepak Sahni GS2021BIOPHD017508
Deepali Gupta GS2021BIOPHD027420
Deepali Tiwari GS2021BIOPHD020167
Deepanshi GS2021BIOPHD004229
Deepanshi Koul GS2021BIOPHD019441
Deepanshi Vijh GS2021BIOPHD015042
Deepika Parthasarathy GS2021BIOPHD031722
Deepsee Nayak GS2021BIOPHD014900
Deepshikha Mukherjee GS2021BIOPHD010419
Deepti Jeevanchandra Namjoshi GS2021BIOPHD010324
Deepti Thapliyal GS2021BIOPHD010540
Deepti Verma GS2021BIOPHD022311
Delicia Rachel GS2021BIOPHD017438
Deshna Chetan Shah GS2021BIOPHD023213
Devanjan Mondal GS2021BIOPHD014920
Devansh Saraf GS2021BIOPHD030026
Devi Krishna M GS2021BIOPHD026370
Devika S R GS2021BIOPHD009280
Devila Prit GS2021BIOPHD012650
Dhanagovind P T GS2021BIOPHD027872
Dharna Bhardwaj GS2021BIOPHD017707
Dhruv Manishbhai Gohil GS2021BIOPHD030409
Dhruvi Paresh Shah GS2021BIOPHD011952
Dhulika Ravinuthala GS2021BIOPHD006651
Dhyey Vipulkumar Vyas GS2021BIOPHD002006
Dibakar Roy GS2021BIOPHD008942
Diganta Roy GS2021BIOPHD009188
Diksha Bagal GS2021BIOPHD027633
Diksha Gogia GS2021BIOPHD024943
Diksha Kirankumar Kansara GS2021BIOPHD028861
Diksheeta Sharma GS2021BIOPHD016713
Dilmehak Kaur GS2021BIOPHD020492
Dipanneeta Das Gupta GS2021BIOPHD004191
Dipti Ranjan Lenka GS2021BIOPHD011949
Disha Agarwal GS2021BIOPHD010001
Ditipriya Mukherjee GS2021BIOPHD017960
Divya GS2021BIOPHD012744
Divya Agarawal GS2021BIOPHD004814
Divya Avdhut Thakur GS2021BIOPHD010674
Divya Vishwanath GS2021BIOPHD017372
Dolly Ashokkumar Jagwani GS2021BIOPHD011924
Dwaipayan Basu GS2021BIOPHD006766
Dwiti Krushna Das GS2021BIOPHD005438
Dyuti Basu Choudhury GS2021BIOPHD030628
Elvis Christie GS2021BIOPHD030059
Eram Shaikh GS2021BIOPHD003855
Etisha Arun GS2021BIOPHD015661
Faisal Jamal GS2021BIOPHD024713
Farhanur Rahman GS2021BIOPHD007161
Farheen Showket GS2021BIOPHD029909
Farmaanullah Ansari GS2021BIOPHD023120
Farzana N GS2021BIOPHD016725
Firdaus Ahmed GS2021BIOPHD025218
Fiza Mohammed Farooq Ishaqwala GS2021BIOPHD028042
Gadha K Leons GS2021BIOPHD030224
Gagan Gupta GS2021BIOPHD028264
Gandhar Milind Pusalkar GS2021BIOPHD001659
Ganesh Muthu G GS2021BIOPHD003849
Gargi Chaturvedi GS2021BIOPHD004045
Garima Kandwal GS2021BIOPHD027871
Garima Sharma GS2021BIOPHD016405
Gaurav Saini GS2021BIOPHD029163
Gayantika Verma GS2021BIOPHD011805
Gayathri M GS2021BIOPHD022127
Gayathri M Kartha GS2021BIOPHD021663
Geeta GS2021BIOPHD007705
Geetanjali Ekka GS2021BIOPHD008648
Geetanjali Mishra GS2021BIOPHD023432
Gem Mathachan GS2021BIOPHD026078
Giridhar Mishra GS2021BIOPHD012731
Girija Surendra Jogwar GS2021BIOPHD022020
Gouri Chopra GS2021BIOPHD029353
Goutham Kumar Ediga GS2021BIOPHD015913
Gulshan Maurya GS2021BIOPHD015829
Gunjan GS2021BIOPHD009301
Gunjan Sachdeva GS2021BIOPHD014826
Gunjan Sharma GS2021BIOPHD017488
Hadiya Amin Kantroo GS2021BIOPHD011797
Haimanti Mukherjee GS2021BIOPHD018387
Hari Priya Saripalli GS2021BIOPHD004508
Harsh Bhakhri GS2021BIOPHD019837
Harsh Vardhan Singh GS2021BIOPHD027985
Harshath Amal GS2021BIOPHD029963
Harshita Agarwal GS2021BIOPHD008490
Harshita Sharma GS2021BIOPHD014687
Harshita Shrivastava GS2021BIOPHD000834
Harshul Kapoor GS2021BIOPHD004887
Hema Raja Pushpam M GS2021BIOPHD012737
Hema Yadav GS2021BIOPHD031686
Hemlata Kumari GS2021BIOPHD009430
Himalay Parijatak Bawanthade GS2021BIOPHD008519
Himani Makkar GS2021BIOPHD030704
Himani Rawat GS2021BIOPHD008818
Himani Tripathi GS2021BIOPHD014806
Himanshi Chaudhary GS2021BIOPHD004987
Himanshu GS2021BIOPHD016464
Himanshu Darji GS2021BIOPHD030006
Himanshu Kothari GS2021BIOPHD004207
Himanshu Rajput GS2021BIOPHD023823
Himanshu Rawal GS2021BIOPHD031612
Himanshu Sekhar Panda GS2021BIOPHD015521
Himanshu Sharma GS2021BIOPHD028850
Hiranya Kumar Das GS2021BIOPHD007503
Ibraz Kori GS2021BIOPHD002596
Indranil Sikder GS2021BIOPHD025623
Indu Sharma GS2021BIOPHD030664
Ipshita Gayen GS2021BIOPHD019246
Isha Mukherjee GS2021BIOPHD026971
Isha Vijay Desai GS2021BIOPHD024515
Ishani Sharma GS2021BIOPHD024404
Ishfaq Ahamd Pandith GS2021BIOPHD028809
Ishu Soni GS2021BIOPHD013545
Iwin K Joseph GS2021BIOPHD030367
Jaishree GS2021BIOPHD007101
Janaki Nair M GS2021BIOPHD014781
Jashobanta Behera GS2021BIOPHD005615
Jasleen Kaur GS2021BIOPHD010159
Jasmine Arya GS2021BIOPHD020705
Jaspreet Singh Gurjit Singh Pabla GS2021BIOPHD029403
Jatin GS2021BIOPHD023733
Jatin Chauhan GS2021BIOPHD005730
Jeevan Kumar Gochhayat GS2021BIOPHD012551
Jennifer Johnson GS2021BIOPHD021602
Jibitesh Das GS2021BIOPHD018435
Jiro Karlo GS2021BIOPHD031718
Jissmole Lukose Pallithanam GS2021BIOPHD007388
Joby Issac GS2021BIOPHD018000
John Philip George GS2021BIOPHD011528
Juhi Bhardwaj GS2021BIOPHD003067
Juhi Kumari GS2021BIOPHD008126
Juhi Mishra GS2021BIOPHD018838
Juili Ekanath Mirgule GS2021BIOPHD007898
Jyoti Barman GS2021BIOPHD024173
Jyoti Suresh Batgire GS2021BIOPHD024993
Jyotiprabha Kashyap GS2021BIOPHD025693
Jyotirmayee Talapatra GS2021BIOPHD019522
Jyotsna Mondal GS2021BIOPHD011849
Kajal Dhananjay Rathod GS2021BIOPHD025345
Kalpaja Acharya GS2021BIOPHD003118
Kalpana GS2021BIOPHD014662
Kalpana Choudhary GS2021BIOPHD003958
Kamaldeep GS2021BIOPHD027831
Kangkan Pandit GS2021BIOPHD019134
Kanika GS2021BIOPHD011452
Kanika Chawla GS2021BIOPHD024331
Kanika Goel GS2021BIOPHD017218
Kanika Hada GS2021BIOPHD026688
Kanishka GS2021BIOPHD025109
Karandeep Singh GS2021BIOPHD017405
Karishma GS2021BIOPHD012561
Karthikey Sharma GS2021BIOPHD021116
Kartik Majila GS2021BIOPHD002267
Kashmiri Manishrao Lande GS2021BIOPHD021393
Kaushik V Iyer GS2021BIOPHD022704
Kaustav Mukhopadhayay GS2021BIOPHD020946
Kavikumar A K GS2021BIOPHD010595
Kavita Devi GS2021BIOPHD016228
Kavitha Uk GS2021BIOPHD015120
Keerthi S. Baliga GS2021BIOPHD020765
Khursheed Ul Islam Mir GS2021BIOPHD005410
Khushbhu Sanjay Kanojiya GS2021BIOPHD018726
Khushboo Lilaria GS2021BIOPHD019274
Kiran Tak GS2021BIOPHD020732
Kirti Singh GS2021BIOPHD014604
Kirti Tyagi GS2021BIOPHD008001
Kishalay Ghosh GS2021BIOPHD030510
Kishan Maheshkumar Purohit GS2021BIOPHD031586
Kishore Dhotre GS2021BIOPHD019980
Km Rabiya Begam GS2021BIOPHD009302
Km Sandhya Chaurasiya GS2021BIOPHD007777
Komal GS2021BIOPHD021566
Komal GS2021BIOPHD031333
Konar Essaikiammal Sodalaimuthu GS2021BIOPHD024101
Kratika Mujmer GS2021BIOPHD027818
Kratika Singh GS2021BIOPHD024619
Krishna Charan B S GS2021BIOPHD006145
Krishnagaanth M GS2021BIOPHD017890
Krishnapriya R GS2021BIOPHD020977
Krishnapriya Vinod GS2021BIOPHD031150
Kriti Ahuja GS2021BIOPHD021676
Kritika Pasricha GS2021BIOPHD015298
Kritika Prasad GS2021BIOPHD027902
Krittika Biswas GS2021BIOPHD009651
Krity Karn GS2021BIOPHD023886
Kshitiz GS2021BIOPHD031684
Kshyama Subhadarsini Tung GS2021BIOPHD010030
Kumar Seeddhartha Das GS2021BIOPHD004335
Kumari Kiran GS2021BIOPHD009870
Kunal Arora GS2021BIOPHD021112
Lacy Loveleen GS2021BIOPHD028722
Lakhani Amiben Vinubhai GS2021BIOPHD030921
Lalit Singh Sagar GS2021BIOPHD024750
Laxmi Mishra GS2021BIOPHD002300
Lekshmi S GS2021BIOPHD021855
Lina Ureka GS2021BIOPHD007987
Linus Augustin GS2021BIOPHD005018
Liz Maria Luke GS2021BIOPHD028606
Lobelia Ghosh GS2021BIOPHD010203
Lucky GS2021BIOPHD001753
M Shafnaz GS2021BIOPHD029848
M Tejaswini GS2021BIOPHD016374
Maayla Siddiqi GS2021BIOPHD020129
Madhavi Ranawat GS2021BIOPHD019460
Madhubani Dey GS2021BIOPHD026855
Madhumanti Halder GS2021BIOPHD000456
Madhumidha M GS2021BIOPHD024450
Maha Tarique GS2021BIOPHD029821
Mahima Kapoor GS2021BIOPHD013303
Mahima Kumari GS2021BIOPHD010637
Maitree Goswami GS2021BIOPHD000881
Manas Manoj Kshirsagar GS2021BIOPHD023792
Manasa Veena S GS2021BIOPHD028754
Manash Kumar Behera GS2021BIOPHD027575
Mandar Vyankatesh Deshpande GS2021BIOPHD014691
Mandira Roy GS2021BIOPHD019391
Mani Gupta GS2021BIOPHD025480
Manish Kushwah GS2021BIOPHD028996
Manisha Guha GS2021BIOPHD002636
Manjit Rana GS2021BIOPHD000178
Manjul Kumar Mishra GS2021BIOPHD025086
Manmehar Kaur GS2021BIOPHD029436
Manmohan Mitruka GS2021BIOPHD010134
Manoj B GS2021BIOPHD013267
Manoj Kumar Dash GS2021BIOPHD027005
Manshi Punetha GS2021BIOPHD019247
Mansi Awasthi GS2021BIOPHD012705
Mansi Sharma GS2021BIOPHD016841
Mansi Sharma GS2021BIOPHD003667
Manukrishna Manikandan GS2021BIOMSC010326
Manya Batra GS2021BIOPHD030876
Mary Martin GS2021BIOPHD000907
Maryam Arif GS2021BIOPHD007763
Mayank Saini GS2021BIOPHD014142
Mayur Jyoti Nath GS2021BIOPHD021580
Md Altamash GS2021BIOPHD006529
Medha GS2021BIOPHD003991
Medha Chakraborty GS2021BIOPHD015764
Medha Pathak GS2021BIOPHD013092
Medini Ramanand Samant GS2021BIOPHD030288
Meera Krishnan E R GS2021BIOPHD000460
Megha Ghosh GS2021BIOPHD003579
Megha Rai GS2021BIOPHD005920
Meghna Chatterjee GS2021BIOPHD029473
Mehak GS2021BIOPHD029412
Mehak Mahajan GS2021BIOPHD021129
Mehul Mahajan GS2021BIOPHD005986
Menlum Bhawani Lepcha GS2021BIOPHD009048
Merlin Pious GS2021BIOPHD015344
Merlinsheeba G L GS2021BIOPHD017564
Micky Anand GS2021BIOPHD019937
Mihir Ranjan Padhan GS2021BIOPHD023398
Milan Kumar Lokshman GS2021BIOPHD004317
Minita Yogen Desai GS2021BIOPHD010311
Mitali Kishor Patil GS2021BIOPHD018725
Mitali Singh GS2021BIOPHD015961
Mitesh Mukund Khisti GS2021BIOPHD022842
Miti Mathur GS2021BIOPHD015894
Mohak Sharma GS2021BIOPHD026201
Mohammad Abdullah Jehad GS2021BIOPHD001797
Mohammad Inamullah GS2021BIOPHD030731
Mohammad Sabique Beg GS2021BIOPHD018232
Mohammed Nisham GS2021BIOPHD018875
Mohan R GS2021BIOPHD026036
Mohd Aaquib GS2021BIOPHD022950
Mohd Affan Khan GS2021BIOPHD018354
Mohd Shaaz Shaaz Iqbal GS2021BIOPHD027386
Mohd Tauseef Khan GS2021BIOPHD025905
Mohd Younus Khan GS2021BIOPHD030306
Mohini GS2021BIOPHD000655
Mohit Garg GS2021BIOPHD016726
Mohit Redhal GS2021BIOPHD000495
Mohita GS2021BIOPHD028407
Mojammel Ali Khan GS2021BIOPHD013730
Monalisha Mallik GS2021BIOPHD006964
Mousumi Bal GS2021BIOPHD017880
Muhammad Uzair Ashraf GS2021BIOPHD030379
Mukti Mandal GS2021BIOPHD006765
Muskan GS2021BIOPHD029504
Muskan Adlakha GS2021BIOPHD016116
Nada R S GS2021BIOPHD023373
Namaste Kumari GS2021BIOPHD013179
Namita Batra GS2021BIOPHD007221
Namrata Pandey GS2021BIOPHD021582
Nandani Kumari GS2021BIOPHD027359
Nandha Kumar E GS2021BIOPHD000640
Nandini Prajapati GS2021BIOPHD014732
Narendra Pratap Singh GS2021BIOPHD007974
Narmathaa Palanisamy GS2021BIOPHD015480
Navinchandra Venkatarama Puppala GS2021BIOPHD006499
Navya GS2021BIOPHD012676
Nazar Mohamed Mohaideen S GS2021BIOPHD028304
Nazifa Salman GS2021BIOPHD010252
Nazish Zulekha Chowdhury GS2021BIOPHD005108
Neelansh GS2021BIOPHD019442
Neelesh Prashant GS2021BIOPHD003983
Neeraj Saklani GS2021BIOPHD017680
Neeta Adhikari GS2021BIOPHD024174
Neha GS2021BIOPHD005192
Neha Ajit Joshi GS2021BIOPHD000125
Neha Chauhan GS2021BIOPHD002886
Neha Gupta GS2021BIOPHD020596
Neha Rani Das GS2021BIOPHD014253
Neha Rawat GS2021BIOPHD031196
Neha Vinod Banwani GS2021BIOPHD019505
Neha Yadav GS2021BIOPHD011798
Nidhi GS2021BIOPHD021026
Nidhi Gujar GS2021BIOPHD029855
Nidhi Kumari GS2021BIOPHD027330
Nihal Singh GS2021BIOPHD029247
Niharika Govind Jha GS2021BIOPHD028270
Niharika Pandey GS2021BIOPHD001982
Nija George GS2021BIOPHD028402
Nikhil Chivukula GS2021BIOPHD004217
Nikhil Nitinkumar Nayak GS2021BIOPHD003969
Nikita GS2021BIOPHD020975
Nikita Gupta GS2021BIOPHD007739
Nikita Lajith Nair GS2021BIOPHD018292
Nikita Sharma GS2021BIOPHD015390
Nikita Shrikant Nanaware GS2021BIOPHD004770
Nikita Siddharth Ramteke GS2021BIOPHD030976
Nilam Shaw GS2021BIOPHD004920
Nilam Waghela GS2021BIOPHD030292
Nilima Padhan GS2021BIOPHD010861
Nilpawan Roy Choudhury GS2021BIOPHD021095
Nirjharini Saha GS2021BIOPHD018554
Nisha Pandey GS2021BIOPHD016860
Nishkarsh Jain GS2021BIOPHD006800
Nitesh Kumar Podh GS2021BIOPHD007890
Nitish Kumar GS2021BIOPHD028821
Nitisha Kuila GS2021BIOPHD026881
Nivedhya Venas GS2021BIOPHD001633
Nivedita Chaudhary GS2021BIOPHD015449
Niyati Dhingra GS2021BIOPHD010964
Obed Manglalsiem Gangte GS2021BIOPHD023686
Onkar Rambhau Kadam GS2021BIOPHD023902
Onkar Sanjay Ghuge GS2021BIOPHD027903
Osheen Taneja GS2021BIOPHD020305
P S Shruti Shruti GS2021BIOPHD019817
P.V.Vinitha GS2021BIOPHD013462
Padmapriya Shankar Iyer GS2021BIOPHD007127
Paheli Roshan Sharma GS2021BIOPHD010013
Palash Kumar Seal GS2021BIOPHD007405
Pallavi Gupta GS2021BIOPHD024495
Pallavi Joshi GS2021BIOPHD030955
Pallavi Santosh Phatak GS2021BIOPHD017034
Panchali Saha GS2021BIOPHD012465
Pankaj Dhakad GS2021BIOPHD000623
Pankaj Sharma GS2021BIOPHD018337
Pankaja Meher GS2021BIOPHD024689
Pankhuri Sinha GS2021BIOPHD016065
Parama Mitra GS2021BIOPHD028536
Paresh Nath Das GS2021BIOPHD002804
Parichita Mishra GS2021BIOPHD005221
Partha Protim Karmakar GS2021BIOPHD000714
Partibha Panchal GS2021BIOPHD015185
Parul Midha GS2021BIOPHD025690
Parvathi S Gopinath GS2021BIOPHD022773
Parvathi Satheesh GS2021BIOPHD025735
Parwesh Nafis Khan GS2021BIOPHD028333
Pathri Achyutha Krishna GS2021BIOPHD024877
Pawan Verma GS2021BIOPHD013606
Payal Chaubey GS2021BIOPHD015747
Payal Dash GS2021BIOPHD024552
Peeyush Yadav GS2021BIOPHD007385
Pinaki Chanda GS2021BIOPHD023281
Pinkey Singh GS2021BIOPHD021237
Piuli Gupta GS2021BIOPHD000780
Piyali Saha GS2021BIOPHD013491
Pooja Joshi GS2021BIOPHD028984
Pooja Rani GS2021BIOPHD004682
Pooja Sharma GS2021BIOPHD029377
Potnuru Gouri Shankar Das GS2021BIOPHD015745
Prachi Bhatia GS2021BIOPHD028225
Prachi Garg GS2021BIOPHD028305
Prachi Sahu GS2021BIOPHD015247
Pragati GS2021BIOPHD025979
Pragya Nalwa GS2021BIOPHD016420
Prajakta Prakash Joshi GS2021BIOPHD028248
Prakriti Chanda GS2021BIOPHD006967
Pranav Vijay Joshi GS2021BIOPHD003365
Praneet Wahi GS2021BIOPHD019380
Prareeta Mahapatra GS2021BIOPHD018411
Prarthana Ghosh Dastidar GS2021BIOPHD021434
Prasanth Thota GS2021BIOPHD028035
Prathamesh Balasaheb Pol GS2021BIOPHD014901
Pratibha GS2021BIOPHD002247
Pratik Anil Shetye GS2021BIOPHD000098
Pratik Mallick GS2021BIOPHD031313
Pratiksha P Bhat GS2021BIOPHD016053
Pratiti Bakshi GS2021BIOPHD011016
Pratyush Kumar Padhan GS2021BIOPHD013099
Pratyusha Banerjee GS2021BIOPHD017009
Pratyusha Bose GS2021BIOPHD003676
Preeti Maurya GS2021BIOPHD013234
Preeti Subba GS2021BIOPHD011658
Prem Das GS2021BIOPHD016050
Pritiusha Pradhan GS2021BIOPHD019657
Priya Ghosh GS2021BIOPHD010429
Priya Maurya GS2021BIOPHD009999
Priya Nataraj GS2021BIOPHD006208
Priyadarshini Singh GS2021BIOPHD027738
Priyanjali Dias GS2021BIOPHD007153
Priyanka Chaudhary GS2021BIOPHD021624
Priyanka Das GS2021BIOPHD026045
Priyanka Mehra GS2021BIOPHD029793
Priyanka Thakur GS2021BIOPHD018371
Priyanshi Pranav Mishra GS2021BIOPHD011419
Progya Dasgupta GS2021BIOPHD014737
Proma Ghosh GS2021BIOPHD009909
Puneet Jain GS2021BIOPHD015813
Punita Mahesh Mehta GS2021BIOPHD023563
Purna Majumdar GS2021BIOPHD023697
Pushpendra Yadav GS2021BIOPHD029198
Qudsiya Mohiuddin GS2021BIOPHD014195
R Karthik Shrinivasan GS2021BIOPHD002921
Raagini Kallol Biswas GS2021BIOPHD002566
Rachita Dash GS2021BIOPHD030229
Rachita Sharma GS2021BIOPHD019905
Rachna Behl GS2021BIOPHD005823
Radhika Agrawal GS2021BIOPHD019205
Radhika Sharma GS2021BIOPHD007764
Raghunandan Bhupal Haribhakta GS2021BIOPHD002875
Rahul Madaan GS2021BIOPHD004284
Rahul Parit GS2021BIOPHD002230
Rahul Prabhakar Tambade GS2021BIOPHD020735
Rahul Ravindranath Patil GS2021BIOPHD025179
Rahul Singh Bisht GS2021BIOPHD029364
Rajat Gupta GS2021BIOPHD016740
Rajat Jaideep Shirali GS2021BIOPHD023777
Rajat Sao GS2021BIOPHD003910
Rajeshkumar Sahdeokumar Gop GS2021BIOPHD010323
Rakesh Padhan GS2021BIOPHD003146
Raksha Gupta GS2021BIOPHD006020
Rani Prasad GS2021BIOPHD011260
Ranjana Kumari GS2021BIOPHD010263
Ranjit Shaw GS2021BIOPHD005481
Rashi Sharma GS2021BIOPHD000534
Rasika Sikka GS2021BIOPHD029345
Ratnabali Ghosh GS2021BIOPHD020382
Ravikant Piyush GS2021BIOPHD029686
Ravneet Singh Chawla GS2021BIOPHD024674
Razia Khatoon GS2021BIOPHD016391
Reanne Fronteiro GS2021BIOPHD022529
Reema Gupta GS2021BIOPHD000466
Reet Sethi GS2021BIOPHD028311
Reshma M Balan GS2021BIOPHD031439
Revathy Menon GS2021BIOPHD030851
Rhydham Milan Karnik GS2021BIOPHD008164
Riddhi Bhardwaj GS2021BIOPHD008374
Riddhi Garg GS2021BIOPHD013988
Rikita Karar GS2021BIOPHD014661
Rinku Dagar GS2021BIOPHD016808
Rishabh Chandna GS2021BIOPHD010321
Rishika P S GS2021BIOPHD008057
Rishika Sharma GS2021BIOPHD001918
Ritanksha Joshi GS2021BIOPHD000212
Ritika Vishnoi GS2021BIOPHD004470
Ritu Tripathi GS2021BIOPHD018041
Ritu Vinaik GS2021BIOPHD023506
Rituparna Ghanty GS2021BIOPHD026595
Ritvi Sandeep Karkhanis GS2021BIOPHD026859
Ritwija Maity GS2021BIOPHD028694
Rohan Peter Mathew GS2021BIOPHD014833
Rohit Ghosh GS2021BIOPHD027664
Rohit Kumar GS2021BIOPHD014981
Rohit Kumar Singh GS2021BIOPHD016439
Rohit Singh GS2021BIOPHD014332
Rohit Subhash Dashpute GS2021BIOPHD002132
Rosani Kumari Shaw GS2021BIOPHD018779
Rucha Dattatraya Kulkarni GS2021BIOPHD018264
Ruchi Mishra GS2021BIOPHD026208
Ruchi Tiwari GS2021BIOPHD022005
Ruchika Annie Oniel GS2021BIOPHD016928
Ruchira Chakraborty GS2021BIOPHD003352
Rudransh Singh GS2021BIOPHD026650
Ruksana Sultana Ahmed GS2021BIOPHD019435
Rupa Hansda GS2021BIOPHD005512
Rupal Sarup GS2021BIOPHD004241
Rupayan Mukherjee GS2021BIOPHD015881
S M Rose GS2021BIOPHD023669
Sabari Shree V GS2021BIOPHD014786
Sachin Eldho GS2021BIOPHD014915
Sachin Gupta GS2021BIOPHD008211
Sachin Mishra GS2021BIOPHD019673
Saeedur Rahman GS2021BIOPHD007525
Sagar Baulia GS2021BIOPHD025220
Sagnik Ghosh GS2021BIOPHD010138
Sahana A GS2021BIOPHD006701
Sai Gayatri Vemuri GS2021BIOPHD000796
Saikat Dey GS2021BIOPHD006519
Sainaba A A GS2021BIOPHD007743
Saireet Misra GS2021BIOPHD019311
Sajjad Iqbal GS2021BIOPHD000588
Sakshi Bansal GS2021BIOPHD023646
Sakshi Jain GS2021BIOPHD031087
Sakshi Yadav GS2021BIOPHD028868
Sakshi Yogesh Sangle GS2021BIOPHD030587
Sampreeth Ravi Gowda GS2021BIOPHD018653
Sampurno Banerjee GS2021BIOPHD013532
Samrajni Banerjee GS2021BIOPHD012944
Samriddhi Gupta GS2021BIOPHD000088
Samriddhi Sen GS2021BIOPHD019314
Samrita Mondal GS2021BIOPHD004924
Sanchari Swarupa GS2021BIOPHD021401
Sanchita Sarkhel GS2021BIOPHD026471
Sandhya Rai GS2021BIOPHD011946
Sandipkumar Mohanlal Bambhaniya GS2021BIOPHD023039
Sania Sultana GS2021BIOPHD021910
Sanika Milind Ambre GS2021BIOPHD003895
Sanjivani Aniruddha Pathak GS2021BIOPHD003367
Sanjoy Das GS2021BIOPHD016446
Sanjoy Louha GS2021BIOPHD023589
Santhosh Kumar S GS2021BIOPHD011955
Santoshi Acharjee GS2021BIOPHD028516
Sanu Awasthi GS2021BIOPHD023631
Sanya Sharma GS2021BIOPHD018360
Sapna Dama GS2021BIOPHD028380
Saptashwa Chakrabarti GS2021BIOPHD024141
Sara Akbar GS2021BIOPHD002242
Sarangadhar Nayak GS2021BIOPHD016948
Saranya Giridharan GS2021BIOPHD011150
Sarika Bhati GS2021BIOPHD002260
Sarthak Banerjee GS2021BIOPHD005953
Sarthak Joshi GS2021BIOPHD021667
Sarthak Nandi GS2021BIOPHD025618
Saswata Bhattacharyya GS2021BIOPHD025552
Saswata Dey GS2021BIOPHD003859
Satadru Chakraborty GS2021BIOPHD025519
Satarupa Halder GS2021BIOPHD014243
Satish Rajpurohit GS2021BIOPHD027300
Saumya Rai GS2021BIOPHD019146
Saunri Brian Dhodi Lobo GS2021BIOPHD007586
Saurabh Yadav GS2021BIOPHD029251
Saurav Malik GS2021BIOPHD023813
Sayali Hemant Khisty GS2021BIOPHD003110
Sayali Sudhir Shirkar GS2021BIOPHD012472
Sayan Mondal GS2021BIOPHD031023
Sayan Roy GS2021BIOPHD025907
Sayantan Jash GS2021BIOPHD007654
Sayantani Upadhyay GS2021BIOPHD026131
Seemanti Aditya GS2021BIOPHD013338
Seena Elizabeth John GS2021BIOPHD010908
Seetha Lakshmi Venu GS2021BIOPHD000321
Sejal Asija GS2021BIOPHD006715
Senjit Ram Behera GS2021BIOPHD010223
Shabduli Sawant GS2021BIOPHD015097
Shabnam Farisha GS2021BIOPHD009259
Shagnik Saha GS2021BIOPHD000131
Shagufa Nisrat Noorie GS2021BIOPHD024250
Shagun GS2021BIOPHD017314
Shaheeda T P GS2021BIOPHD019815
Shailly Saini GS2021BIOPHD018045
Shalinee Singh GS2021BIOPHD010350
Shalini Kumari GS2021BIOPHD025135
Shalini Mishra GS2021BIOPHD024466
Shalu Garg GS2021BIOPHD007937
Shamal Kisan Kaidke GS2021BIOPHD023572
Shameen GS2021BIOPHD025702
Shamila Minnu K C GS2021BIOPHD005394
Sharada Sivaramakrishnan Iyer GS2021BIOPHD003703
Shashank Kumar Singh GS2021BIOPHD017648
Shashank Saxena GS2021BIOPHD019086
Shaveta Jain GS2021BIOPHD009476
Sheetal GS2021BIOPHD009773
Sheetal Sharma GS2021BIOPHD008130
Shikha Dipak Shah GS2021BIOPHD031099
Shilpa Omprakash Sunariwal GS2021BIOPHD000154
Shilpa Satyendra Mishra GS2021BIOPHD010471
Shilpa Sinha GS2021BIOPHD021678
Shini Verma GS2021BIOPHD030078
Shivam Kumar Rajendra Singh Sriwas GS2021BIOPHD001002
Shivangi Mahawar GS2021BIOPHD016009
Shivani Gahlot GS2021BIOPHD018578
Shivani Kavidayal GS2021BIOPHD029053
Shivani Vohra GS2021BIOPHD005999
Shivnarayan Pramod Bhosale GS2021BIOPHD019120
Shiwani GS2021BIOPHD016551
Shobana Sankar GS2021BIOPHD010086
Shomdutta Roy GS2021BIOPHD003022
Shravasti Misra GS2021BIOPHD000225
Shreekrishna K GS2021BIOPHD027787
Shreelekha Pore GS2021BIOPHD011549
Shrestha Rath GS2021BIOPHD021591
Shreya Chakraborty GS2021BIOPHD025912
Shreya Garg GS2021BIOPHD029119
Shreya Srivastava GS2021BIOPHD017946
Shreya Tripathi GS2021BIOPHD023260
Shreyasi Nath GS2021BIOPHD006625
Shreyasi Neogi GS2021BIOPHD019310
Shreyta Gupta GS2021BIOPHD014498
Shrija Ghosh GS2021BIOPHD008155
Shrikirti Anand GS2021BIOPHD014092
Shrishti Kumari GS2021BIOPHD008308
Shruti Bhanudas Gaikwad GS2021BIOPHD020162
Shruti Ghosh GS2021BIOPHD024333
Shruti Saini GS2021BIOPHD015134
Shruti Srivastava GS2021BIOPHD015805
Shruti Tevatia GS2021BIOPHD030526
Shrutika Shashikant Padwal GS2021BIOPHD007038
Shubham Aggarwal GS2021BIOPHD009087
Shubham Ghai GS2021BIOPHD017313
Shubham Jha GS2021BIOPHD010161
Shubham Kumar Agrawal GS2021BIOPHD007488
Shubham Kumar Rai GS2021BIOPHD030693
Shubham Saha GS2021BIOPHD027505
Shubham Singh GS2021BIOPHD007061
Shubham Verma GS2021BIOPHD018668
Shubhangi Sangwan GS2021BIOPHD023945
Shubhi Shah GS2021BIOPHD014634
Shumaiza Asif GS2021BIOPHD008793
Shweta Hemachandra Shrotri GS2021BIOPHD026299
Shweta Mahapatra GS2021BIOPHD018498
Shweta Verma GS2021BIOPHD005255
Sibi B GS2021BIOPHD020395
Sidak Minocha GS2021BIOPHD018768
Siddhant Sitanshuratan Shetty GS2021BIOPHD031298
Siddhartha Basu GS2021BIOPHD031270
Sidharth Adithyan P.B GS2021BIOPHD027337
Silpa A R GS2021BIOPHD017538
Simran Gupta GS2021BIOPHD019474
Simran Sharma GS2021BIOPHD010158
Sindhu M GS2021BIOPHD008493
Sindhuja Snehi GS2021BIOPHD027415
Sinto Antoo GS2021BIOPHD017370
Sivang Goswami GS2021BIOPHD011662
Sk Rabiul Alam GS2021BIOPHD030132
Sk Yasir Hosen GS2021BIOPHD018760
Smaran Banerjee GS2021BIOPHD024670
Smriti Sundar GS2021BIOPHD022499
Smritiparna De GS2021BIOPHD010162
Sneha Baburao Desai GS2021BIOPHD009744
Sneha Dutta GS2021BIOPHD008265
Sneha Luke GS2021BIOPHD028943
Sneha N Pai GS2021BIOPHD000580
Snehasis Majumder GS2021BIOPHD009402
Snigdha Siddh GS2021BIOPHD028768
Soham Majumdar GS2021BIOPHD013417
Som Banerjee GS2021BIOPHD028651
Somdutta Paul GS2021BIOPHD004220
Somenath Paul GS2021BIOPHD018253
Somoshri Banerji GS2021BIOPHD023247
Sonal Chandrakant Patil GS2021BIOPHD025965
Sonal Negi GS2021BIOPHD013055
Sonali Singh GS2021BIOPHD022610
Sonali Sinha GS2021BIOPHD017746
Sonam Priyadarshani GS2021BIOPHD017167
Sonanjali Aneja GS2021BIOPHD022768
Soujanya Nagendra GS2021BIOPHD025697
Soumak Dutta GS2021BIOPHD010019
Soumalya Chakraborty GS2021BIOPHD016296
Soumen Kundu GS2021BIOPHD014411
Soumya Sarathi Ganguly GS2021BIOPHD025908
Soumyanil Chatterjee GS2021BIOPHD013854
Sounak Dasgupta GS2021BIOPHD019486
Souradip Paul GS2021BIOPHD030465
Sourajyoti Pal GS2021BIOPHD022562
Sourav Agrawal GS2021BIOPHD026050
Sourav Banerjee GS2021BIOPHD011867
Souvik Manna GS2021BIOPHD002204
Souvik Roy GS2021BIOPHD009538
Sreepadmanabh M GS2021BIOPHD013794
Sreeparna Nath GS2021BIOPHD013578
Sri Charani Chinthapatla GS2021BIOPHD023608
Sri Padma Priya Boyanapalli GS2021BIOPHD020659
Srikanth Lingappa GS2021BIOPHD029476
Srilakshmi Kalathil GS2021BIOPHD029100
Srishti Jaswal GS2021BIOPHD009166
Srishti Mishra GS2021BIOPHD031026
Sristi Nanda GS2021BIOPHD010378
Srujanika Rajalaxmi GS2021BIOPHD016124
Stuti Ghosh GS2021BIOPHD002977
Stuti Lakhera GS2021BIOPHD005508
Stuti Srivastav GS2021BIOPHD027421
Subhajit Das GS2021BIOPHD025310
Subhajit Pal GS2021BIOPHD012252
Subhashini Murugan GS2021BIOPHD030153
Subhranil Misra GS2021BIOPHD024887
Suchith C M GS2021BIOPHD018738
Sudhanand M GS2021BIOPHD018718
Suhotro Gorai GS2021BIOPHD004657
Sujata GS2021BIOPHD008722
Sujith Remulla GS2021BIOPHD003493
Sulagna Banerjee GS2021BIOPHD001437
Sulagna Rath GS2021BIOPHD010163
Suman Singh GS2021BIOPHD005737
Sumon Kumar Saha GS2021BIOPHD017654
Sundaram Shilpi GS2021BIOPHD028692
Sunil Lal Bahadur Sahani GS2021BIOPHD026323
Sunny Rathee GS2021BIOPHD008652
Supriya Shukla GS2021BIOPHD008502
Surabhi Chandra GS2021BIOPHD029468
Surabhi Sharma GS2021BIOPHD009934
Surajit Ghosh GS2021BIOPHD012608
Suravi Sasmita Dash GS2021BIOPHD008751
Surbhi GS2021BIOPHD013490
Surbhi Badhwar GS2021BIOPHD004570
Surbhi Gupta GS2021BIOPHD024507
Surbhi Jaiswal GS2021BIOPHD016508
Surhud Shrinivas Sant GS2021BIOPHD023109
Suriya Selvarajan GS2021BIOPHD000135
Surla Sunmuk Eswari GS2021BIOPHD024316
Surmilita Biswas GS2021BIOPHD022280
Suruchi Gupta GS2021BIOPHD029277
Sushil Kumar Mulodia GS2021BIOPHD003595
Sushmita Mena GS2021BIOPHD006230
Sushmitha J GS2021BIOPHD027496
Sushree Lipsa Lopamudra Dwibedy GS2021BIOPHD014201
Susovan Das GS2021BIOPHD031693
Swagatika Sahoo GS2021BIOPHD024787
Swapnil Sahoo GS2021BIOPHD014673
Swapnil Sanjeev Bhagat GS2021BIOPHD027555
Swarnali Buddhadev Dasgupta GS2021BIOPHD029474
Swarnava Sengupta GS2021BIOPHD014867
Swarnayan Saha GS2021BIOPHD003176
Swarnima Pandey GS2021BIOPHD025838
Swasti Rawal GS2021BIOPHD031688
Swati Ajmeriya GS2021BIOPHD006771
Swati Sharma GS2021BIOPHD014030
Swetha Nagarajan GS2021BIOPHD001172
Swetlana Ghosh GS2021BIOPHD003198
Syed Kavish Nizami GS2021BIOPHD024680
Talib Hussain GS2021BIOPHD010362
Tamoghna Mukherjee GS2021BIOPHD019280
Tanaya Kole GS2021BIOPHD016825
Tanisha GS2021BIOPHD013292
Tanmay Dey Sarkar GS2021BIOPHD000489
Tanmaya Behera GS2021BIOPHD012379
Tanu Bansal GS2021BIOPHD024301
Tanusree Halder GS2021BIOPHD001756
Tanveera Rounaque Sarhadi GS2021BIOPHD021088
Tanvi Singh GS2021BIOPHD009939
Tanya Bansal GS2021BIOPHD001169
Taruna GS2021BIOPHD000485
Tasneem Fatima GS2021BIOPHD023171
Teerna Saugata Khastgir GS2021BIOPHD016430
Tejaswini Choudhury GS2021BIOPHD028449
Tejendra GS2021BIOPHD024640
Thejaswini B G GS2021BIOPHD012529
Thripureshwari Vijaykumar GS2021BIOPHD017643
Tiasa Sen GS2021BIOPHD016471
Titas Sil GS2021BIOPHD020182
Titash Baidya GS2021BIOPHD020621
Trisha Arora GS2021BIOPHD024218
Truptimayee Barik GS2021BIOPHD007760
Tuli Pramanik GS2021BIOPHD003704
Twinkle Singh GS2021BIOPHD007791
Udita Jindal GS2021BIOPHD026502
Ujjayita Chowdhury GS2021BIOPHD016771
Usashi Guha Roy GS2021BIOPHD018107
Ushasi Chakrabarti GS2021BIOPHD020692
Ushasi Roy GS2021BIOPHD010954
Utkarsh GS2021BIOPHD001904
Utkarsh GS2021BIOPHD031695
Utkarsh Shrivastava GS2021BIOPHD010405
Utsab Majumder GS2021BIOPHD028906
Uttam Das GS2021BIOPHD023259
Vaidehi Shreenivas Londhe GS2021BIOPHD016264
Vaishali Lakra GS2021BIOPHD008624
Vaishnavi Arun Borade GS2021BIOPHD018200
Vandita Khaitan GS2021BIOPHD013599
Vani Gupta GS2021BIOPHD022684
Vanshika Ahuja GS2021BIOPHD006909
Vanshika Kaushik GS2021BIOPHD029636
Vanshika Rastogi GS2021BIOPHD011784
Varnali Acharya GS2021BIOPHD000387
Varsha H J GS2021BIOPHD007269
Varsha M Nair GS2021BIOPHD019749
Varshita Srivastava GS2021BIOPHD000932
Varun Kumar GS2021BIOPHD022743
Vasudha Dwivedi GS2021BIOPHD027373
Vidya P V GS2021BIOPHD029166
Vidya V Babu GS2021BIOPHD009065
Vidya Vardhini Pondugala GS2021BIOPHD031712
Vignesh M GS2021BIOPHD014823
Vijay Sharma GS2021BIOPHD021661
Vikalp Kumar GS2021BIOPHD007717
Vikas Kumar Gupta GS2021BIOPHD030260
Vikash Kumar GS2021BIOPHD008592
Vimala Kumari Paila GS2021BIOPHD017077
Vineeth G GS2021BIOPHD027653
Vinita Mamnani GS2021BIOPHD027263
Vinita Sharma GS2021BIOPHD002303
Vipin Kumar Tiwar GS2021BIOPHD004103
Viplav Agarwal GS2021BIOPHD004833
Vipra GS2021BIOPHD001192
Viraj Vishnu Nawge GS2021BIOPHD009390
Vishal Basu GS2021BIOPHD016653
Vivek Kumar GS2021BIOPHD029076
Vranda Tonk GS2021BIOPHD027973
Vyshna V V GS2021BIOPHD018709
Yamini Yadav GS2021BIOPHD009074
Yash Misra GS2021BIOPHD030490
Yashi Batra GS2021BIOPHD016644
Yashi Singh GS2021BIOPHD027921
Yengkhom Ghanapriya Devi GS2021BIOPHD001377
Yogeeta Gupta GS2021BIOPHD017475
Yukti Khanna GS2021BIOPHD007625
Yusra Ahmad GS2021BIOPHD030821
Zakhiya P C GS2021BIOPHD025056
Zaki Ahmad Shaikh GS2021BIOPHD016687
Zeba Tarannum GS2021BIOPHD009255
Zeeshan Ahmed GS2021BIOPHD011675
Zohra Hashmi GS2021BIOPHD029999
Integrated PhD
Name Application Seq No
Aditya Upadhyay GS2021BIOIPH029059
Afrah Layeek Nawab GS2021BIOIPH030202
Afrin Mamud GS2021BIOIPH012275
Afsheen Shahzad GS2021BIOIPH012222
Akankshya Misra GS2021BIOIPH011139
Ankush Rajput GS2021BIOIPH001031
Anurag Thapliyal GS2021BIOIPH001326
Apurba Banerjee GS2021BIOIPH009060
Damya Srivastava GS2021BIOIPH002035
Diptanil Biswas GS2021BIOIPH002308
Divya GS2021BIOIPH026868
Gayatri Pushpita Chandran GS2021BIOIPH006723
Gunjan Mishra GS2021BIOIPH006832
Harita M GS2021BIOIPH014798
Harshwardhan Dinesh Kumar Gupta GS2021BIOIPH021510
Ishita Sharan Srivastava GS2021BIOIPH006849
Kareena Goel GS2021BIOIPH022801
Kaustubh Shashikant Bargode GS2021BIOIPH011483
Kiran Sebastian K GS2021BIOIPH019239
Koushiki Basu GS2021BIOIPH012481
Lakshmi Anand GS2021BIOIPH014151
Manjari Guha Roy GS2021BIOIPH008355
Mayukh Das GS2021BIOIPH013379
Muhammed Ameer GS2021BIOIPH007611
Mukesh Tanwar GS2021BIOIPH006335
Pritam Diyan GS2021BIOIPH009509
Priyasha De GS2021BIOIPH018369
Ravi Kiran A GS2021BIOIPH026614
Rekha Saini GS2021BIOIPH001381
Rushikesh Chitrasen Pawar GS2021BIOIPH031186
Sagarjyoti Pathak GS2021BIOIPH025696
Sanhita Abhitabh Saxena GS2021BIOIPH012539
Satyakam Sharma GS2021BIOIPH011854
Sayan Biswas GS2021BIOIPH022355
Shakunthala Natarajan GS2021BIOIPH005164
Sheetal Udhav Jadhav GS2021BIOIPH006887
Shivani Gunnan Ramkumar GS2021BIOIPH023720
Shivani Kumari GS2021BIOIPH005262
Shreya Bhardwaj GS2021BIOIPH029740
Shreya Das GS2021BIOIPH001408
Shreyans Chatterjee GS2021BIOIPH017130
Shrihari Negi GS2021BIOIPH007022
Shubham Bhaskar Shinde GS2021BIOIPH030083
Shweta Pandey GS2021BIOIPH002229
Sivaranjani R GS2021BIOIPH016821
Sonam Baranawal GS2021BIOIPH016345
Soumavo Ray GS2021BIOIPH004980
Sourav Sahil GS2021BIOIPH023202
Stuti Bhattacharyya GS2021BIOIPH015630
Sumit Rakshit GS2021BIOIPH009350
Surabhi Nambisan GS2021BIOIPH003911
Tanjot Kaur GS2021BIOIPH020067
Thejaswini Dontha GS2021BIOIPH014630
Utsav Biswas GS2021BIOIPH000438
Vishal Tuli GS2021BIOIPH030093
Both Integrated PhD & MSc
Name Application Seq No
Aashi Gupta GS2021BIOIMS012778
Aashna Bansal GS2021BIOIMS009284
Aastha GS2021BIOIMS013419
Aastha Tripathi GS2021BIOIMS015113
Aayushee Khanna GS2021BIOIMS018398
Aayushi Deo GS2021BIOIMS018016
Abhigna Battineni GS2021BIOIMS005936
Abhijeet Singh GS2021BIOIMS028828
Abhimanyu Ray GS2021BIOIMS008023
Abhimanyu Singh GS2021BIOIMS023206
Abhinaya Swaminathan GS2021BIOIMS020007
Abhiraj Uppal GS2021BIOIMS028652
Abhishek Kumar GS2021BIOIMS011923
Aditi Shailendra Pathak GS2021BIOIMS009158
Adrija Sarkar GS2021BIOIMS017925
Adrita Chakraborty GS2021BIOIMS006446
Adya Upmanyu GS2021BIOIMS021530
Ahamadul Hoque Mandal GS2021BIOIMS014787
Aheli Chakraborty GS2021BIOIMS000739
Aishwarya Chawla GS2021BIOIMS012745
Ajay Kumar GS2021BIOIMS028563
Ajay Kumar Varanasi GS2021BIOIMS026008
Ajit Kumar GS2021BIOIMS024742
Akanksha Kushwaha GS2021BIOIMS002971
Akansha Saxena GS2021BIOIMS002151
Akash Deep GS2021BIOIMS029208
Akashjyoti Pathak GS2021BIOIMS024155
Akhil Kumar Bhadani GS2021BIOIMS001296
Akhil Vijaybhai Hothi GS2021BIOIMS005280
Akrati Tandon GS2021BIOIMS001600
Akshat Joshipura GS2021BIOIMS021211
Akshita Dhankhar GS2021BIOIMS005483
Akshita Khosla GS2021BIOIMS020641
Alakananda Das GS2021BIOIMS003504
Alisha Lal GS2021BIOIMS017456
Althea Stella Anil Martis GS2021BIOIMS011283
Amaan Rais GS2021BIOIMS014211
Aman GS2021BIOIMS012032
Aman Murari GS2021BIOIMS014387
Aman Kumar Yadav GS2021BIOIMS020173
Amanita Biswas GS2021BIOIMS013860
Amatullah Mustafa Nakara GS2021BIOIMS001186
Ambeesh Pratap Rolta GS2021BIOIMS001622
Amber Shahi GS2021BIOIMS004983
Amey Santosh Kulkarni GS2021BIOIMS008743
Ameya Anirudha Pawar GS2021BIOIMS000628
Amisha Gupta GS2021BIOIMS001149
Amisha Rathaur GS2021BIOIMS001242
Amoli Muley GS2021BIOIMS005815
Amritesh Sarkar GS2021BIOIMS007112
Anand Bhaskar GS2021BIOIMS006153
Anandi Mathur GS2021BIOIMS014451
Ananya Buddhiraju GS2021BIOIMS005618
Ananya Ayaskant GS2021BIOIMS009107
Aninda Sundar Modak GS2021BIOIMS005788
Anirjit Chatterjee GS2021BIOIMS011299
Anjali GS2021BIOIMS001718
Anjali Priya GS2021BIOIMS002537
Anjali Yadav GS2021BIOIMS024029
Ankita Koley GS2021BIOIMS008482
Ankita Prusty GS2021BIOIMS003069
Ankita Arani Barai GS2021BIOIMS006540
Annu Khasa GS2021BIOIMS018752
Anshika Kansal GS2021BIOIMS015487
Anshika Upadhyay GS2021BIOIMS009073
Anshuman Panda GS2021BIOIMS016569
Anubhab Das GS2021BIOIMS031375
Anuraag Nallan Chakravarthi GS2021BIOIMS001639
Anurag Singh GS2021BIOIMS002767
Anusha Rastogi GS2021BIOIMS007685
Anushka Pramod Chaudhari GS2021BIOIMS023795
Anusuya Narayanan GS2021BIOIMS011079
Anvita Pant GS2021BIOIMS024227
Anwesha Saha GS2021BIOIMS026949
Aparajita Roy GS2021BIOIMS001289
Aparna Chauhan GS2021BIOIMS016846
Aparna Pillai GS2021BIOIMS014356
Aparna Rai GS2021BIOIMS013422
Aparna Saini GS2021BIOIMS015300
Apoorva Agarwal GS2021BIOIMS004023
Arabinda Saha GS2021BIOIMS009708
Aratrika Ghosal GS2021BIOIMS006290
Archana Muraleedharan GS2021BIOIMS010090
Archana Anand D Shenoi GS2021BIOIMS002464
Archisha Ganguly GS2021BIOIMS001119
Arif Jaman GS2021BIOIMS010932
Arijeet Karmakar GS2021BIOIMS020642
Arijit Das GS2021BIOIMS006840
Arijit Roy GS2021BIOIMS002797
Arindam Paul GS2021BIOIMS004326
Arka Ghosh GS2021BIOIMS028162
Arkadeep Bhattacharjee GS2021BIOIMS010111
Arkapriya Bhattacharyya GS2021BIOIMS009612
Arlin Philip Mani GS2021BIOIMS000667
Arnab Nath GS2021BIOIMS006906
Arpan Samanta GS2021BIOIMS005179
Arsha Liz M Jos GS2021BIOIMS001124
Arun Sharma GS2021BIOIMS012550
Arunima Choudhury GS2021BIOIMS027033
Arunima Goswami GS2021BIOIMS001630
Arusharka Bhattacharyya GS2021BIOIMS014914
Ashik Francis GS2021BIOIMS020062
Ashmita Mondal GS2021BIOIMS024655
Ashrumochan Mallick GS2021BIOIMS027713
Ashutosh Ojha GS2021BIOIMS006961
Ashutosh Narayan Bhasker GS2021BIOIMS020148
Asif Islam GS2021BIOIMS003115
Aswathy C S GS2021BIOIMS023437
Austin Varughese GS2021BIOIMS001063
Ayisha Mariyam P M GS2021BIOIMS006534
Aysha Fahmeetha A GS2021BIOIMS008121
Ayush Jain GS2021BIOIMS022900
Ayush Kumar GS2021BIOIMS014409
Ayush Srivastava GS2021BIOIMS001515
Ayush Upadhyay GS2021BIOIMS026894
Ayushi Das GS2021BIOIMS002826
Ayushi Goel GS2021BIOIMS009955
Ayushi Suhas Katdare GS2021BIOIMS000603
Azeem Khan GS2021BIOIMS012559
Balanarayana Suresh GS2021BIOIMS020712
Banismita Tripathy GS2021BIOIMS008061
Bhaj Gobindh Raj GS2021BIOIMS026455
Bhargab Jyoti Baruah GS2021BIOIMS009216
Bharmjeet GS2021BIOIMS017059
Bhavisha Malik GS2021BIOIMS011213
Bhavna GS2021BIOIMS013773
Bhawna Sharma GS2021BIOIMS005051
Bhumika Uttam GS2021BIOIMS008568
Bigyani Samal GS2021BIOIMS025408
Bipasa Mandal GS2021BIOIMS007215
Bitan Rakshit GS2021BIOIMS005041
Bivas Nag GS2021BIOIMS019528
Charu Sharma GS2021BIOIMS011689
Chhavi GS2021BIOIMS031432
Debadrita Mondal GS2021BIOIMS009912
Debalina Mukherjee GS2021BIOIMS011077
Debarpita Das GS2021BIOIMS001700
Debarpita Datta GS2021BIOIMS002395
Deeksha Hattila GS2021BIOIMS004623
Deepanshu Garg GS2021BIOIMS009884
Deepayan Kundu GS2021BIOIMS014718
Devansh Sharma GS2021BIOIMS003685
Devika S Kumar GS2021BIOIMS003844
Dhanush Raghuveer Acharya GS2021BIOIMS017600
Dhanya Hegde GS2021BIOIMS020475
Dhanya Raj GS2021BIOIMS020324
Dhruba Jyoti Maji GS2021BIOIMS008081
Dhwani Atul Thakkar GS2021BIOIMS002805
Diksha Chaturvedi GS2021BIOIMS014641
Diptadeep Basak GS2021BIOIMS005183
Dishita Mishra GS2021BIOIMS001491
Divya Jaitak GS2021BIOIMS013802
Divya Rani GS2021BIOIMS003709
Divyank Varshney GS2021BIOIMS015184
Divyanshi Verma GS2021BIOIMS005726
Ekta GS2021BIOIMS020916
Eshika Bindal GS2021BIOIMS008319
Eshita Jain GS2021BIOIMS006092
Espita Manna GS2021BIOIMS000835
Fahad Kabir GS2021BIOIMS016659
Fenil Kaushik Ganatra GS2021BIOIMS005151
Fiza Rashida Khan GS2021BIOIMS006143
Gagandeep Kaur GS2021BIOIMS000986
Gaurav Nanakwani GS2021BIOIMS017676
Gauri Saini GS2021BIOIMS012515
Gautam Allamsetty GS2021BIOIMS028648
Gayathri Venkatraman GS2021BIOIMS004471
Gayathri A S GS2021BIOIMS020459
Gitanjali Narayan Kulkarni GS2021BIOIMS012812
Gurleen Kaur Kalsi GS2021BIOIMS016293
Gyanendra Kumar Bahinipati GS2021BIOIMS012092
Harika Kamma GS2021BIOIMS014637
Haripriya Malviya GS2021BIOIMS002447
Harish Aggarwal GS2021BIOIMS010132
Harsh Agrawal GS2021BIOIMS021195
Harsh Kumar GS2021BIOIMS024829
Harsh Kumar Dwivedi GS2021BIOIMS009704
Harshita Kukreja GS2021BIOIMS029013
Harshpreet Kaur Dhall GS2021BIOIMS021527
Harshvardhan Gupta GS2021BIOIMS018891
Himanshu GS2021BIOIMS000561
Himanshu Singh GS2021BIOIMS023502
Hindol Chatterjee GS2021BIOIMS025221
Hiranmoy Adak GS2021BIOIMS006652
Hiten Shanker Navani GS2021BIOIMS005385
Hiya Chintak Thakkar GS2021BIOIMS008064
Ilvika Kandhway GS2021BIOIMS001651
Inder Raj Singh GS2021BIOIMS004896
Inksar Begam GS2021BIOIMS029382
Isha Dhingra GS2021BIOIMS008387
Isha Girish Pandey GS2021BIOIMS009630
Ishita Talwar GS2021BIOIMS019894
Jagriti Mishra GS2021BIOIMS000621
Jahanvi Sharma GS2021BIOIMS006864
Jahnavi Ahuja GS2021BIOIMS008236
Jahnavi Ch GS2021BIOIMS005883
Janvi Mukesh Pritmani GS2021BIOIMS024483
Jemema Agnes Tripena Raj GS2021BIOIMS012188
Jignesh Sandip Aghav GS2021BIOIMS004854
Jissy Anna George GS2021BIOIMS019975
Joyee Bhattacharya GS2021BIOIMS006553
Jyotirmoy Rajurkar GS2021BIOIMS001744
K Aparna GS2021BIOIMS009163
K V Balakumaran GS2021BIOIMS006730
Kaashika Rustagi GS2021BIOIMS005684
Kamakshi Tomar GS2021BIOIMS001695
Kamallata Chakraborty GS2021BIOIMS017547
Kangabam Linthoingambi GS2021BIOIMS002179
Kanishka Kumar GS2021BIOIMS017790
Karthik Shivkumar GS2021BIOIMS019690
Kartik Anand GS2021BIOIMS002465
Kaustav Mitra GS2021BIOIMS005143
Kavan Jagdish Thakkar GS2021BIOIMS021546
Kavita Bagdwal GS2021BIOIMS002193
Khushboo Arora GS2021BIOIMS000446
Khushi Bahl GS2021BIOIMS005338
Khushi Chouhan GS2021BIOIMS004525
Kirti Garg GS2021BIOIMS001237
Komal Rajeev Parik GS2021BIOIMS029104
Kota Venkata Sai Krishna Arjun Chowdary GS2021BIOIMS001813
Kousheen Brar GS2021BIOIMS025295
Koushiki Das GS2021BIOIMS004065
Krati Gupta GS2021BIOIMS018338
Krishna Shankar GS2021BIOIMS018735
Kriti Gupta GS2021BIOIMS003193
Kritika Sahani GS2021BIOIMS003340
Kritika Singh GS2021BIOIMS029920
Kruthi R Vasishtha GS2021BIOIMS025248
Kulsum Fatima GS2021BIOIMS023582
Kumar Vaibhav GS2021BIOIMS000763
Kumar Ankit Anand GS2021BIOIMS015757
Kunal GS2021BIOIMS031537
Kunal Mukesh Jagetiya GS2021BIOIMS012689
Kundhanathan.R GS2021BIOIMS008098
Kushaan Gupta GS2021BIOIMS031438
Kushankur Pandit GS2021BIOIMS003813
Lamha Kumar GS2021BIOIMS002687
Luvneet Prakash Khithani GS2021BIOIMS000366
Madhavan P GS2021BIOIMS019449
Mahesh Lakshmanan Nair GS2021BIOIMS030017
Mahima Manjunath Bhat GS2021BIOIMS030149
Maidnee Goja GS2021BIOIMS014994
Mamta Chhetri GS2021BIOIMS005678
Mamta Negi GS2021BIOIMS013080
Manas Sanoria GS2021BIOIMS004808
Manasvi Balachandran GS2021BIOIMS009454
Mani Ratnam Vempali GS2021BIOIMS013961
Manisha GS2021BIOIMS008676
Manjul Gautam GS2021BIOIMS010154
Mansi Viralbhai Patel GS2021BIOIMS019698
Manu GS2021BIOIMS019947
Manusmriti Agarwal GS2021BIOIMS028869
Mariya Saify GS2021BIOIMS009086
Mausumi Behera GS2021BIOIMS005077
Mayank Gupta GS2021BIOIMS001598
Md Aniruzzaman GS2021BIOIMS006949
Md Shabab Anwar GS2021BIOIMS025233
Md Tarique Waheed GS2021BIOIMS008338
Meera A R GS2021BIOIMS000052
Mehul Chauhan GS2021BIOIMS001404
Milky Mittal GS2021BIOIMS022319
Mohammad Khursheed Alam Khan GS2021BIOIMS027955
Mohanchaitanya Reddy Duddugunta GS2021BIOIMS019716
Mohd Fahad GS2021BIOIMS018272
Mohd Ahmad GS2021BIOIMS023964
Mohd Fardeen Husain Shahanshah GS2021BIOIMS001449
Mohd Sarim Siddiqui GS2021BIOIMS001184
Mohd Umar Tabrez GS2021BIOIMS018380
Mohit Kathait GS2021BIOIMS014322
Mohit Yadav GS2021BIOIMS004649
Monami R B GS2021BIOIMS004442
Monty Vijayvargiya GS2021BIOIMS017119
Mousumi Chakraborty GS2021BIOIMS010729
Mriganka Manna GS2021BIOIMS009702
Mrinali Mahanta GS2021BIOIMS030399
Mrittika Adhikary GS2021BIOIMS000457
Muskan GS2021BIOIMS014437
Muskan Gupta GS2021BIOIMS000398
Muskan Mittal GS2021BIOIMS003444
Nahid GS2021BIOIMS007510
Namrah Yaseen GS2021BIOIMS021127
Nanaki Singh GS2021BIOIMS023388
Nandini Datta GS2021BIOIMS005349
Navyasree Ponnaganti GS2021BIOIMS017710
Nawaz Akhter GS2021BIOIMS022409
Nayan Jyoti Borah GS2021BIOIMS026567
Neeleshwar Nath Pandey GS2021BIOIMS022618
Neha GS2021BIOIMS015926
Neha Dixit GS2021BIOIMS031304
Neha Maurya GS2021BIOIMS031119
Neha Yadav GS2021BIOIMS001344
Nidhi Rawat GS2021BIOIMS007809
Nidhi Hemant Ashtaputre GS2021BIOIMS006387
Nikhil Kumar GS2021BIOIMS002350
Nikhil Kumar GS2021BIOIMS025418
Nikita Agarwal GS2021BIOIMS004468
Nikita Goel GS2021BIOIMS016410
Nilaratna Das GS2021BIOIMS006072
Nimish Sharma GS2021BIOIMS029127
Nirikshan Mandal GS2021BIOIMS011614
Nirnisha Pramanik GS2021BIOIMS005387
Nishkala Ramesh GS2021BIOIMS031008
Nishtha Bhardwaj GS2021BIOIMS017859
Nitesh Kumar GS2021BIOIMS021642
Oishik Roy GS2021BIOIMS016869
Ojaswi Singh GS2021BIOIMS023396
Padmaja S GS2021BIOIMS004389
Palash Sen GS2021BIOIMS008832
Parnika Sahoo GS2021BIOIMS014354
Piyush Porwal GS2021BIOIMS012507
Pooja Verma GS2021BIOIMS000775
Pooja Birjoo Mehta GS2021BIOIMS009059
Pooja Pramod Dixit GS2021BIOIMS007445
Poojitha Nuthalapati GS2021BIOIMS000917
Poorva Grover GS2021BIOIMS020949
Poorvi Saini GS2021BIOIMS005463
Prabhashis Bose GS2021BIOIMS018358
Prachi Singh GS2021BIOIMS002099
Pradip Bhattacharjee GS2021BIOIMS010611
Pramita Kundu GS2021BIOIMS013747
Pranav Venkata Naga Bhamidipati GS2021BIOIMS023055
Praneeta Srivastava GS2021BIOIMS027857
Pranjal Verma GS2021BIOIMS014105
Pranjal Raj Saxena GS2021BIOIMS007174
Prasoon Kumar Mishra GS2021BIOIMS010116
Pratik Sharma GS2021BIOIMS020595
Pratik Hemantkumar Gujarathi GS2021BIOIMS016167
Pratistha Sarkar GS2021BIOIMS000967
Pravalika Amar GS2021BIOIMS000606
Pravesh Kumari GS2021BIOIMS012314
Preetha D GS2021BIOIMS018273
Preetham S Kumar GS2021BIOIMS001819
Preeti Pragya Panda GS2021BIOIMS005991
Prerna Goel GS2021BIOIMS003949
Prerna Kumari GS2021BIOIMS015538
Pritam Banerjee GS2021BIOIMS015864
Prithvi Prashant Kulkarni GS2021BIOIMS004243
Prithvinath Gollakota GS2021BIOIMS015541
Prithwiraj Mukherjee GS2021BIOIMS001356
Priya GS2021BIOIMS001725
Priya Bhatia GS2021BIOIMS007570
Priya Dutta GS2021BIOIMS014799
Priya Verma GS2021BIOIMS001440
Priya Ranjan Kumar GS2021BIOIMS026652
Priyadarshini Ghosh GS2021BIOIMS016016
Priyajit Kaur GS2021BIOIMS007121
Priyam Chopra GS2021BIOIMS019913
Priyanka GS2021BIOIMS005799
Priyesh Singh Parihar GS2021BIOIMS022051
Purva Gohil GS2021BIOIMS001168
Rachayita Bharadwaj GS2021BIOIMS015092
Rahul Ganesh Vishwakarma GS2021BIOIMS022598
Rajameenakshi Muralidharan GS2021BIOIMS022999
Rajarshi Mondal GS2021BIOIMS003486
Rajarshi Sarkar GS2021BIOIMS011779
Rajarshi Deep Dutta GS2021BIOIMS019757
Rashi Jain GS2021BIOIMS019972
Rashmi Agarwal GS2021BIOIMS002341
Raveena Verma GS2021BIOIMS009806
Ravi Sharma GS2021BIOIMS010272
Ravina Khanna GS2021BIOIMS017200
Reema Sahu GS2021BIOIMS006777
Renuka GS2021BIOIMS011537
Reshma A S GS2021BIOIMS022803
Revathypraba L GS2021BIOIMS018432
Richa Gupta GS2021BIOIMS018243
Rima Bhattachariya GS2021BIOIMS000698
Risani Mukhopadhyay GS2021BIOIMS002212
Rishabh Vikram Bapat GS2021BIOIMS004957
Rishav Nag GS2021BIOIMS011459
Rishika Maji GS2021BIOIMS007109
Ritabrata Chowdhury GS2021BIOIMS011688
Ritika Vinod Chandekar GS2021BIOIMS004190
Ritu GS2021BIOIMS025365
Ritu Singh GS2021BIOIMS020196
Riya Madan GS2021BIOIMS022903
Robin Kumar GS2021BIOIMS019834
Rohini Bhattacharjya GS2021BIOIMS005830
Rohit Chel GS2021BIOIMS007728
Ronit Jain GS2021BIOIMS002084
Roshan Patel GS2021BIOIMS022828
Roshan Sreenivasan Velluvakandy GS2021BIOIMS010776
Rridhi Kapila GS2021BIOIMS001691
Rudrajit Mandal GS2021BIOIMS017968
Rupam Mandal GS2021BIOIMS006100
Rushali GS2021BIOIMS008301
Saborni Biswas GS2021BIOIMS003946
Sachin GS2021BIOIMS002358
Sahil GS2021BIOIMS004687
Sahil Chauhan GS2021BIOIMS009853
Sakshi Shukla GS2021BIOIMS011548
Saloni Garg GS2021BIOIMS015952
Saloni Jain GS2021BIOIMS001503
Saloni Khatri GS2021BIOIMS007820
Saloni Gajendra Koli GS2021BIOIMS002233
Samanwitha Rao GS2021BIOIMS019305
Samarth Kumar GS2021BIOIMS006393
Sameeksha Verma GS2021BIOIMS020866
Sameer GS2021BIOIMS025992
Samiksha Sanjog Rele GS2021BIOIMS003779
Sampurna Dasgupta GS2021BIOIMS002837
Samriddhi Dubey GS2021BIOIMS001738
Samuel Bency GS2021BIOIMS012633
Samyukta Shivshankar GS2021BIOIMS001627
Sandeep Kumar GS2021BIOIMS018763
Sania Vivek Bhonsle GS2021BIOIMS002810
Sanjay T D GS2021BIOIMS006433
Santosh Kumar Panda GS2021BIOIMS020406
Santu Paul GS2021BIOIMS003291
Sarah Nawaz GS2021BIOIMS019363
Sasmitha D Singh GS2021BIOIMS001382
Saswata Sahoo GS2021BIOIMS007631
Satrajit Das GS2021BIOIMS005704
Sauparnika Prasanna Kumar GS2021BIOIMS003901
Saurav Sharma GS2021BIOIMS015915
Sayali Avadhut Joshi GS2021BIOIMS016343
Sayani Majhi GS2021BIOIMS019755
Sayani Mukherjee GS2021BIOIMS010940
Seema GS2021BIOIMS012870
Semanti Das GS2021BIOIMS004025
Sethupathi Raj S GS2021BIOIMS011421
Shafaq Aftab GS2021BIOIMS013943
Shafaque GS2021BIOIMS023541
Shaikh Mohammad Arif GS2021BIOIMS017369
Shailendu Shekhar Mohapatra GS2021BIOIMS002066
Shallu GS2021BIOIMS013259
Shambhavi Mishra GS2021BIOIMS027895
Shanna Susanne Philip GS2021BIOIMS028738
Shantanu Subhash Visal GS2021BIOIMS002436
Sharon Raju GS2021BIOIMS013938
Shashank Shekhar GS2021BIOIMS001194
Shatakshi Mitra GS2021BIOIMS009207
Sheba Chani GS2021BIOIMS003144
Sheetal Yadav GS2021BIOIMS017171
Shibasis Chatterjee GS2021BIOIMS031279
Shikha Patil GS2021BIOIMS014274
Shilajit Roy GS2021BIOIMS015178
Shivam Barnwal GS2021BIOIMS001365
Shivam Malviya GS2021BIOIMS010054
Shivam Santosh Pandey GS2021BIOIMS014539
Shivangi Saxena GS2021BIOIMS030594
Shivangi Tiwari GS2021BIOIMS011562
Shivani Mittal GS2021BIOIMS001856
Shounok Panja GS2021BIOIMS006337
Shouvik Bhattacharya GS2021BIOIMS004022
Shraddha Shukla GS2021BIOIMS012317
Shreya Das GS2021BIOIMS021895
Shreya Kandpal GS2021BIOIMS002526
Shreya Mishra GS2021BIOIMS026535
Shreya Putatunda GS2021BIOIMS000766
Shreya Shambhavi GS2021BIOIMS009282
Shreya Roy Chowdhury GS2021BIOIMS005380
Shreyam Chowdhury GS2021BIOIMS000997
Shreyasee Das GS2021BIOIMS003160
Shreyoshi Chakraborty GS2021BIOIMS019103
Shruti Sharma GS2021BIOIMS004436
Shruti Dattaram Diwale GS2021BIOIMS002009
Shruti Suhas Varode GS2021BIOIMS002653
Shrutika Pravin Raje GS2021BIOIMS020408
Shubham Sahani GS2021BIOIMS024863
Shubham Prashant Soni GS2021BIOIMS006934
Shubharthi Pal GS2021BIOIMS000700
Shweta Bhargav GS2021BIOIMS008799
Siddhant Sharma GS2021BIOIMS011726
Siddharth Maurya GS2021BIOIMS006406
Siddhi Sameer Bangale GS2021BIOIMS003458
Simranjeet Singh Mann GS2021BIOIMS027457
Smriti Anand GS2021BIOIMS008390
Sneha Das GS2021BIOIMS012537
Snehasis Sarkar GS2021BIOIMS004219
Snigdha Sau GS2021BIOIMS005376
Soham Chowdhury GS2021BIOIMS005233
Somak Nandy GS2021BIOIMS016955
Somilya Mishra GS2021BIOIMS007835
Somya Sushil Bothra GS2021BIOIMS010494
Sonali Adhikari GS2021BIOIMS000926
Soumi Sen GS2021BIOIMS004142
Soumya Chakraborty GS2021BIOIMS006175
Soumyajit Nag GS2021BIOIMS009785
Soumyashree Sanjay Ghosh GS2021BIOIMS007306
Sounak Sinha Babu GS2021BIOIMS030676
Souparno Das GS2021BIOIMS003393
Sourankur Chakrabarti GS2021BIOIMS002798
Sourav Bhattacharyya GS2021BIOIMS009616
Sourima Kundu GS2021BIOIMS007286
Souvik Sen GS2021BIOIMS005540
Sreyashi Bhattacharjee GS2021BIOIMS012474
Sri Vidhya S GS2021BIOIMS015470
Srijani Mitra GS2021BIOIMS015666
Srijani Saha GS2021BIOIMS009580
Srijoni Bose GS2021BIOIMS022715
Sripriya Dineshkumar Bulusu GS2021BIOIMS006386
Srishti Mandal GS2021BIOIMS016436
Srivani Mallela GS2021BIOIMS007921
Subhanarayan Mishra GS2021BIOIMS006790
Subhangi Subudhi GS2021BIOIMS014628
Subhomit Laha GS2021BIOIMS010295
Subhrajyoti Mallick GS2021BIOIMS013929
Sudarshan Bandyopadhyay GS2021BIOIMS016379
Sudeepta Singh GS2021BIOIMS001044
Sudip Dey GS2021BIOIMS010423
Sudipto Chaki GS2021BIOIMS012190
Sukanya Sahoo GS2021BIOIMS011822
Sukirti Khantwal GS2021BIOIMS001542
Sukriti Aggarwal GS2021BIOIMS004280
Surabhi Srivastava GS2021BIOIMS010531
Swagatam Maity GS2021BIOIMS004114
Swagato Bhattacharjee GS2021BIOIMS005780
Swarali Prashant Dighe GS2021BIOIMS022132
Swatantra Dhara GS2021BIOIMS004650
Swathi Jonnalagadda GS2021BIOIMS003019
Sweta Verma GS2021BIOIMS005107
Tabassum Hashmi GS2021BIOIMS000256
Tamanna GS2021BIOIMS000575
Taniya Bhatia GS2021BIOIMS026110
Tanmay Singhal GS2021BIOIMS020658
Tanvi Kottat GS2021BIOIMS018312
Tanvi Mathur GS2021BIOIMS020717
Tanya Kalra GS2021BIOIMS008257
Tanya Ajay Maisuriya GS2021BIOIMS010296
Tarun GS2021BIOIMS021610
Tarun Dahiya GS2021BIOIMS011407
Tejas Vilas Pawar GS2021BIOIMS002025
Tejaswini Vivekanand Apte GS2021BIOIMS007802
Thanya Sekhar GS2021BIOIMS023545
Triparna Chakraborty GS2021BIOIMS015721
Tulika Khargonkar GS2021BIOIMS018954
Tulika Sharma GS2021BIOIMS020846
Tushar Mandal GS2021BIOIMS002933
Udiptya Saha GS2021BIOIMS000537
Udit Gupta GS2021BIOIMS007436
Upasana Ghosh GS2021BIOIMS001311
Urbi Ghosh GS2021BIOIMS012519
Utsav Bose GS2021BIOIMS009204
Vaibhav Chouhan GS2021BIOIMS014007
Vaibhav Sharma GS2021BIOIMS000579
Vaisak Mohan GS2021BIOIMS019619
Vaishnavi Raut GS2021BIOIMS020314
Vaishnavi Chakrapani Bommakanti GS2021BIOIMS007897
Varsha Goyal GS2021BIOIMS000772
Vasika Venugopal GS2021BIOIMS002571
Veena Vinod Nair GS2021BIOIMS002253
Vibha Nagendra Bhat GS2021BIOIMS006235
Vidhu Chandrika GS2021BIOIMS009305
Vidushi Banerjee GS2021BIOIMS017641
Vidushi Rastogi GS2021BIOIMS009482
Vignesh Jayaraman GS2021BIOIMS023622
Vikas Kumar Maurya GS2021BIOIMS004066
Vindhya Namdeo GS2021BIOIMS020661
Vinesh R GS2021BIOIMS017908
Vipul Chugh GS2021BIOIMS005146
Vipul Kumar GS2021BIOIMS011280
Vipul Upadhyay GS2021BIOIMS020012
Virat Rai GS2021BIOIMS022771
Yashasvi Yash Rao GS2021BIOIMS011904
Yashika Aggarwal GS2021BIOIMS018089
Yukta Khurana GS2021BIOIMS018884
Yukta Sunil Mahashabde GS2021BIOIMS008056
Name Application Seq No
Aakar Anshul GS2021BIOMSC031665
Aarti Notnani GS2021BIOMSC016057
Aathira Prakash GS2021BIOMSC014998
Aayushi Gajender Singh GS2021BIOMSC028296
Achyuta Nanda Sahu GS2021BIOMSC015583
Aditi Tripathi GS2021BIOMSC004888
Amogh Bhaskaran Jayaprasad GS2021BIOMSC012787
Ananya Grewall GS2021BIOMSC001635
Anjali Vijay Patil GS2021BIOMSC001420
Ankita Pal GS2021BIOMSC000713
Ardra Sahoo GS2021BIOMSC017390
Ayushi GS2021BIOMSC004481
Bhaavya Malpani GS2021BIOMSC028908
Bhashkar Paul GS2021BIOMSC010370
Binay Aswal GS2021BIOMSC004255
Bindu Sharma GS2021BIOMSC019516
Debajyoti Das GS2021BIOMSC011569
Deep Suresh Jagani GS2021BIOMSC025223
Delna V D GS2021BIOMSC021711
Devarakonda Venkata Lakshmi Prasanna GS2021BIOMSC022727
Diptomit Biswas GS2021BIOMSC026028
Disha Amol Ghatge GS2021BIOMSC017294
Gargi Khandelwal GS2021BIOMSC002158
Gaurav Rajesh Amale GS2021BIOMSC007473
Gauri Chaturvedi GS2021BIOMSC007947
Gayatri Rajendra Raul GS2021BIOMSC005656
Glen Joshwa Coelho GS2021BIOMSC027817
Greeshma Shyama Soorambail GS2021BIOMSC015519
Hargobind Singh GS2021BIOMSC029630
Harshita Panchal GS2021BIOMSC016113
Hitesh Murarilal Pareek GS2021BIOMSC007599
K Vishal Goud GS2021BIOMSC015084
Kajal Tyagi GS2021BIOMSC031122
Krishna Samatia GS2021BIOMSC031243
Lakshay Chhabra GS2021BIOMSC017603
Lakshmi Priya Balasubramanian GS2021BIOMSC026871
Mahima Sharma GS2021BIOMSC013269
Manita Raina GS2021BIOMSC009268
Manju GS2021BIOMSC025333
Md Wasim Akram Ddoza Hazari GS2021BIOMSC000839
Mihir Prafulla Pradhan GS2021BIOMSC004411
Monika Yadav GS2021BIOMSC017914
Munni Bisht GS2021BIOMSC015059
Nandhini A GS2021BIOMSC012180
Neellohit Sarkar GS2021BIOMSC018284
Neha Saini GS2021BIOMSC011461
Neha Singh GS2021BIOMSC020904
Neha Sanjay Vadagbalkar GS2021BIOMSC017579
Nikita Duhan GS2021BIOMSC004658
Nimitha Elizebeth Cheriyan GS2021BIOMSC026075
Nisha Singh GS2021BIOMSC029775
Pankti Ketan Kansara GS2021BIOMSC022055
Pooja Yadav GS2021BIOMSC002020
Pooja Kandas Rasal GS2021BIOMSC019041
Pranay Eknath Dudhe GS2021BIOMSC021451
Pratibha Yadav GS2021BIOMSC024747
Priya Kumari GS2021BIOMSC024749
Raksha Bhansali GS2021BIOMSC021101
Rani Verma GS2021BIOMSC020449
Rhea Jana GS2021BIOMSC010288
Riya Gupta GS2021BIOMSC000850
Ronika Singh GS2021BIOMSC014276
Royee Santra GS2021BIOMSC000479
Sahil Raina GS2021BIOMSC001802
Sakshi Singh GS2021BIOMSC013245
Sakshi Ashok Kumar Chhajed GS2021BIOMSC015549
Sakshi Subhash Kale GS2021BIOMSC011118
Sandhya GS2021BIOMSC020918
Sanskar Uday Sawant GS2021BIOMSC018782
Sanyukta Unmesh Bholay GS2021BIOMSC014062
Sarah Shajee Thomas GS2021BIOMSC007988
Saumya Gupta GS2021BIOMSC025219
Shagufta Ali GS2021BIOMSC004641
Sharadiya Mitra GS2021BIOMSC009919
Shilabrata Banerjee GS2021BIOMSC009034
Shivam Shashikant Nikam GS2021BIOMSC026758
Shouvik Mandal GS2021BIOMSC006273
Shreya Saxena GS2021BIOMSC012194
Shreya Srivastava GS2021BIOMSC025145
Shreya Verma GS2021BIOMSC005113
Shreya Vinodbhai Thakkar GS2021BIOMSC018635
Smrati Singh GS2021BIOMSC019929
Sneha Khanduri GS2021BIOMSC005149
Sneha S Das GS2021BIOMSC014655
Sonia Dharmendra Shukla GS2021BIOMSC010710
Sreelakshmi S Kumar GS2021BIOMSC016851
Surojit Mandal GS2021BIOMSC011915
Suvodeep Bhuniya GS2021BIOMSC024643
Swapna Pravin Deopurkar GS2021BIOMSC024289
Tanushree Umesh Pathak GS2021BIOMSC002991
Tanya Arora GS2021BIOMSC000520
Unnati Saxena GS2021BIOMSC004274
Vaishnavi Bs GS2021BIOMSC016813
Varshini S GS2021BIOMSC009964
Varuna Arora GS2021BIOMSC013855
Vipin Tiwari GS2021BIOMSC004188
Vishal Sudarshan Kandula GS2021BIOMSC007446
Vishlesh Kotarya GS2021BIOMSC016255
Vishnu Ashok Kumar Ezhuthachan GS2021BIOMSC013966
Yogender GS2021BIOMSC016414
Ziaul Haque GS2021BIOMSC028338