For the smooth running of the facility, some basic behaviour/rules expected to be followed from the users of the X-ray facility.


1. In no case Xray machine will be used before sending booking request to facility Incharge. Please send your requisition for using the machine submitting the usage form signed by your PI. Availability of the machine can be checked online through online scheduler ( Please adhere to your booked timings.


2. Short term trainees and interns are not allowed to use any of the instruments alone. Trained users should be present all the time when untrained and short term trainees are using the instrument.


3.Control PCs should not be used as a long term storage device. Please transfer your data in next few days of data collection. As control PC is connected to LAN, data can be accessed and transferred remotely. Brand new or formatted Hard disk can be allowed in necessary case for the data backup.


4. Good Lab practice is expected from the users while using the facility. Please leave the working area clean after your usage. Used gloves, tips, tissue paper, loops, plates, seals etc lying around will not be tolerated.


5. Please submit your usage form for the Mosquito robot before you use the equipment. This is to keep the track of usage of consumables and for the audit purpose in case.


6. Periodically please check your storage area and remove any of the dried crystallization plates from the incubator and/or the crystallization rooms.


7. Please use/modify your protocols to prevent unnecessory wastage of the mosquito tips. If you are working with single protein you can use the protocol to dispense your protein first with single set of tips (Between Transfers) and then dispense your screen solution using the Always option. This can save 3/4th of tips used sometimes in the case of hanging drop. Please report when mosquito spool is almost going to be finished.


8. Please make an entry in the respective log books of the instruments before and after you use the instrument


9. For problem with any of the instruments that occur after office hours, please call Nishant (8390564690). Users are strongly discouraged from attempting to fix the problem.