Inquiries from prospective 'Facility Incharge','Facility Assistants' and 'Facility Trainees' are welcome. Please email  ciff at ncbs dot res dot in with your detailed cv and brief out line of your career interests. Applications are invited throughout the year and will be processed 2 to 3 times a year depending on the requirement.

Graduated/post-graduates/engineers are encouraged to apply. The candidates with required skills in imaging and flow cytometry are desirable.

Job announcements:

Technical Assistant/Facility Trainee at Central Imaging and Flow Cytometry Facility (CIFF)

One position for Technical Assistant/Facility Trainee available at CIFF.  
Qualification: M.Tech Optical Engineering/Optoelectronics/Photonics, M.Tech  Electronics Engineering, M.Tech Instrumentation Engineering. M.Tech  Biomedical Engineering, Or  MSc Electronics, MSc Instrumentation, MSc Photonics, B.Tech Electronics, B.Tech Instrumentation, or any related and equivalent degrees with at least 3 years work experience.
Expertise: Experience in high end optical imaging systems like Super-resolutionimaging, Multiphoton Imaging, Confocal Microscopy, Light sheet microscopy and software like MicoManager, Metamorph, etc will be desirable.

Facility  Description:  The  Imaging  facility  at  NCBS  provides  researchers  with access  to  high-end  platform  technologies  in  the  Imaging  space.  The  facility  has state-of-the-art  confocal  microscopes,  flow  cytometers,  optical  manipulation systems, super-resolution imaging stations, servers and workstation, as well an upcoming R&D centre in optical instrumentation.  We do not believe in operator assisted imaging or flow cytometry facilities as it would not be practical for any operator/s to understand and develop interest in all of the research projects of an  institution  and  successfully  run  those  experiments  in  a  given  time  frame. Therefore,  we  believe  in  training  the  individual  researchers  to  operate microscopes and/or flow cytometers available at NCBS. 

Job Description: This is a multispectral role and involves the following responsibilities.

1. Applications support: Support high end optical imaging applications on systems like SIM, STROM, STED, Light Sheet, Confocal, Multiphoton, Spinning Disk etc.
2.  Learning and training users on various imaging instruments.  Learning is a very important part of this Job. The selected candidates are required to get trained or train themselves on various imaging instruments as well as  on various software and techniques as required by the facility and/or R&D projects.  
2. Facility Management Tasks:  Coordinate with the Infrastructure (IT, electrical, AC etc.) team and other members of the facility to ensure smooth running of the acility and support users.

3. Research and Development:
a.  Design and implement electronic circuits for microscope automation
b. Write scripts in instrumentation control software like Labview, Matlab etc.
c Write pluggins for Microscope Control Software Micromanager
4. System Maintenance and Support
a. Troubleshoot problems with instruments especially microscopes  
b. Help groups on campus in configuring microscopes using Micromanager software
5. Course Organization
Help in activities related to organization of various courses conducted on campus. The activities include:
a. Designing Website, poster, brochure and other ad material
b. Compile course book and other study material
c.  Logistics support
d. Teaching Assistance

The position will be initially for one year and extendable to a maximum of 3 years. Interested candidates may contact (Dr. Feroz Musthafa) ferozm at ccamp dot res dot in, with Cover Letter (email body), CV and Statement of Purpose.