We are studying the interaction of fundamental host trafficking pathways (endocytosis and autophagy) with intracellular pathogens. Specifically we are interested in how these pathways intersect with M. tuberculosis and Plasmodium spp during their intracellular infection stages. In Plasmodium, we are particularly interested in the liver stages of the disease.  We apply a combination of chemical genetics, quantitative image analysis and high content screening tools together with conventional cell and molecular biological approaches to define and study this problem. 

The specific projects are:

a) Modulation of host endocytosis pathways during mycobacterial infection 

b) Role of host endocytosis and autophagy during Plasmodium liver stage development

c) Assay development for P. vivax liver stage malaria

We are currently funded by NCBS core funds, DBT (Ramalingaswamy fellowship), Max Planck Society and DST (Max Planck partner group) and Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV).