Research Interest
Cellular Organization and Signalling, Genetics and Development

Swadhin Chandra Jana
swadhin at ncbs dot res dot in

I am an accidental cell and developmental biologist based in Bangalore, India and Oeiras, Portugal. After graduating in Chemistry, Physics and Maths, I took a master in Bioinformatics and Biophysics. I then received a PhD for probing the mechanisms of assembly and functions of multi-protein complex transporters, viz., Kinesin-2 and Dynein. During my last postdoc, I focused on the centrioles and cilia, compartments essential for organism development.

I served as the co-supervisor and jury of MSc and PhD theses, reviewer of international journals, and won several internationally reviewed fellowships and grant. I have been teaching in different universities/institutes in India, Europe and the USA. I am an active member of several national/international groups/societies, e.g., ASCB, SEB and Ciliopathy Alliance.

Overall, in the last one and half decades, I developed a creative, collaborative, and open-minded career. I enjoy delving into new fields of research and following the results of our experiments into uncharted scientific territory. Learn more about our work by checking out OBL´s current projects and my past works/publications.