Research Interest
.I have done my graduation in veterinary sciences from Bombay veterinary college in Mumbai. After my graduation I completed my post graduation in wildlife biology and conservation offered by WCS-India and NCBS in Bangalore. For my Master thesis I worked on effect of sedimentation on seagrass community in gulf of Mannar and Palk bay area. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD on fishing policy on the west coast of India. For my PhD I am analysing the dialogue between fisheries policy and fish biology in capture fisheries along west coast of India. In order to do that I am examining the evolving dialogue between fisheries science and fisheries policy in post-independent India. I am also using genetic tools to identify the geographical distribution of fish populations of commonly trawled fish species to current management regimes along the west coast. I am one of the co-founder of an initiative called Know Your Fish. Know Your Fish is a voluntary initiative which helps seafood consumers to make seafood choices that are least damaging to ocean ecosystems. It is basically an calendar which informs seafood consumer in which month which fish can be eaten and which fish should be avoided in order to minimize their own impact on the marine ecosystems

Mayuresh Gangal
msgangal at gmail dot com