Integrated MSc in Physics, University of Mysore
Research Interest
Electrophysiology, Neuroethology

Umesh Mohan
umeshm at ncbs dot res dot in

I am a hacker at heart and I love cryptography, programming, electronics and optics. But I love insects more than any of these and that is why I am here - to try and understand how insects tick. My fascination with insects increased when I joined the University of Mysore to do my masters in Physics. Having lived my entire life in the center of Bangalore, the sudden increase in the variety of insects and spiders that I encountered fascinated me. Here, a jewel beetle convinced me to switch fields and I ended up joining NCBS for my PhD. I am currently working on understanding how moths combine multiple sensory inputs to control their flight. I hope to one day get back to my favourite jewel beetle and understand how it produces those beautiful colours.

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