B.Sc. (Physiology), Presidency College, Kolkata
Research Interest
My interest broadly lies in the sensory mechanisms mediating behavioral reflexes from a behavioral and physiological perspective. In the lab, I am studying head stabilization reflex in hawkmoths using a series of tethered behavioral assays.

Payel Chatterjee
payelc at ncbs dot res dot in

I had a wide range of ambitions growing up from being an astronaut to a medical doctor. It is during my undergraduate course in Physiology when I started appreciating the beauty of physiological systems and decided to pursue research in biology. When I rotated in Sanjay's lab, the physiology of the insect world fascinated me and I continued my PhD in his lab on the sensory mechanisms mediating head stabilization reflex in hawkmoths. I am also a dance enthusiast and trained in Bharatnatyam. I enjoy watching classical Indian dance recitals and choreographing in my leisure.