B.Tech. Biotechnology (IIT Roorkee);
Research Interest
Mechanics of insect thorax, Control and coordination of flight

Abin Ghosh
abing at ncbs dot res dot in

How structure translates to function and behavior?. During my undergrad years, the way RNA molecules folded to attain intricate structure which ultimately resulted in them gaining regulatory and catalytic role baffled me. During my exploratory time in the lab, I got a chance to look at insects closely. The details at this microscopic level are quite mind-boggling. I started wondering about what each of these set of fine hairs, these random collection of bumps or the interconnected plates do. While we look at neurons closely when we try to understand behavior, the morphology of the structures involved also dictates and limits the behavior owning to their mechanics. Currently, I am looking at cuticular structures at the wing base and how they might be involved in the control and coordination of wing movement.