Integrated Master of Science in Physics, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela
Research Interest
Multisensory integration with the neck motor apparatus for head-stabilization reflex required in insect flight control

Agnish Dev Prusty
agnishdp at ncbs dot res dot in

Towards the end of my Masters degree, I got fascinated by the electrochemical mechanisms and the complexity of neural connections in the brain. This surprisingly led me to a fabulous lab working on the brain & behavior of insects. I feel privileged to work with insects who are among the most successful organisms ever to inhabit Earth. I am at home in the lab which combines physics, neurobiology, biomechanics, and animal behavior with a blend of experimental and theoretical approaches. In the lab, I am studying the role of sensori-motor integration from various sensory modalities at the neck motor system in mediating head-stabilization in hawk moth flight-related behavior and control. Outside of the lab, I like playing cricket, badminton, chess, strategic computer games, watching international cricket matches (any format), getting immersed with pristine unadulterated form of nature and reading or discussing about indian philosophies of mind and consciousness.