Funded JRF position:

I have funding for a JRF beginning April, 2018. This position requires a NET qualification. This is primarily an experimental position. Some molecular biology and/or protein purification experience is required. A degree in physical chemistry with an interest in protein simulations/bioinformatics will be an added benefit. Please send me a CV with a short paragraph outlining your interests if you wish to apply for this position. Clearly indicate in your cover letter that you are NET qualified.

Long term interns:

I am interested in hiring thesis interns (internship longer than 4 months) who are interested in proteins and and have some experience in molecular biology (mutagenesis, plasmid preps, protein purification, etc.).

I do not accept summer or winter interns unless they come through the Academies.

Other positions:

The main tool that we use in my group is MD simulations of coarse-grained models. I am looking for people who have their own funding (JRF), who have training in physical chemistry/physics and a strong interest in biochemistry (mainly proteins but that's flexible). A knowledge of programming (both a scripting language and Fortran/C++) will be advantageous. We write programs and scripts for MD simulations and its analysis as well as for some bioinformatic analyses.

If you think you fit the above description, send me a CV. In your CV, please include the names of, and your grades in, any mathematics, physics or chemistry courses that you have done. Also, include any experience relevant to computer programming and MD simulations.

Students interested in doing experiments are welcome to apply as long as they have previous experience in molecular biological and biochemical techniques. I strongly encourage students who have a general interest in proteins and who are willing to do (and have some training in) both experiment and computation to apply.

At this time, I do not have any funded positions other than the one mentioned above.

Postdoctoral positions:

Please send me a CV along with a brief research description if you have done just about any kind of theory/simulations for your Ph. D and are interested in getting into protein folding/dynamics. I am also interested in hiring structural biologists/experimental biochemists/biophysicists.

There are several well-funded extra-mural positions that are available for postdocs in India.  But getting funded takes a while, so please apply at the earliest.

I currently do not have any grant-funded post doctoral positions.

I look at all CVs but will not reply to you unless I have an appropriate position for you.