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We are looking for highly motivated scientists with a strong interest in Cell Biology and Biophysics to join our research team.

Post Doctoral Fellows:

We have 2 post doctoral positions open in our group centred around the following research themes we want to push forward in the next few years: 

a. in the area of understanding plasma membrane organization using an invitro approach of reconstitiution of active membrane composite (This project is in close collaboration with theoretical physicist Prof. Madan Rao, NCBS).

b. along the research theme connecting plasma membrane organization and endocytic trafficking (This project is in close collaboration with Prof. Ludgar Johannes, Institut Curie).

Please send your applications to  

About NCBS:

NCBS is in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, which is also a home to a number of educational and research institutes. NCBS provides exciting research environment for interdisciplinary research. NCBS is also a part of the Bangalore Biocluster - trio institutes focussed on basic research, translational research and technology development. For more information on the excellent facilities available on campus check out : and to get a glimpse on life at NCBS check out :