The adult brain is infinitely complex and intricate in its functioning at the molecular, cellular, structural and circuit level. We are interested in understanding specific cellular processes highly relevant to the adult brain function in the steady state and during pathogenesis. Using mouse as our model system, we study neuronal and glial cells, investigating cellular processes such as adult neurogenesis, dendrite dynamics and immune functions in the adult brain (for more details see “Research”). 

Ours is a new lab, and as a team we look forward to the challenges and excitement of decoding some of the intriguing biology of the adult brain. We are geared towards using state-of-the-art approaches for solving the problem at hand. Currently, we employ mouse genetics, morphometric and immunofluorescence imaging, flow-cytometry and high throughput transcriptome analysis, along with conventional molecular biology and cell-culture techniques. However, as we go about our investigation we treat no technique as off-limits! 

Ph.D students are encouraged to apply through the Ph.D. program of NCBS. The lab will also consider applications from Junior Research Fellows (JRF) and Postdoctoral candidates who have their own funding/fellowship (UGC/CSIR/equivalent). If you are interested in our research and have a passion for problem solving, you can write with a detailed CV, and a brief note on your research interest to Hiyaa (see contact information). The lab does NOT accept short-term trainees/interns, however, we do consider interns for 6-12months projects.