My research is largely focused on understanding the evolutionary and ecological processes underlying adaptive evolution. Adaptation to various ecological factors has been an important force in the evolution of the amazing array of species on earth. However, we are only beginning to address some key questions about adaptation. How do ecological conditions (e.g. resource availability) and genetic factors (e.g. genetic diversity) determine the basis and dynamics of adaptation? At the molecular level, what is the nature of selection acting on genome structure (e.g. arrangement of genes on chromosomes) and composition (e.g. GC%)? Conversely, how do these genomic characteristics affect adaptation?

In general, I like to tinker with genetic and ecological features of organisms so that as we watch evolution in action, we can better understand how it works. These experiments will hopefully help us to understand the origins of the rich diversity of organisms around us, and to protect them in our perversely human-dominated landscape.

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