Note that the workshops on the first day are in different rooms (Malgova, and Raspuri) than the main symposium (days 2-4, in Dasheri). There are signs on campus for some of these rooms, and you can of course ask anyone on campus, including security guards, where these rooms are.


Morning session:
9‒10:30am: Mark Kirkpatrick: Population Genetics of Adaptations. Venue: Malgova. Restricted participation (registered participants only).
10:45‒12:15am: George Perry: The Application of Ancient DNA Data to the Study of Evolution. Venue: Malgova.

12:30‒1:30pm: lunch

Afternoon session:
1:30‒3pm: Catharine Rankin: Studying Genes and Behaviour. Venue: Malgova.

3:15‒6:30pm, with a 15-min coffee break. Concurrent workshops, between which students choose:

(a) Adriana Briscoe and Antonia Monteiro: Mining Transcriptomes and Genomes for Insights into the Evolution of Gene Families and Testing Their Function in Adaptive Evolution via Gene Editing Tools.
Venue: Raspuri. Restricted participation (registered participants only). Participants are required to bring their own laptops and install some software required for this workshop.

(b) Jonathan Flint and Richard Mott: The Use of Mixed Models in Genetic Studies. Restricted participation (registered participants only). Venue: Raspuri.

7pm onward: Welcome dinner and social

TUESDAY, 29 November:

Morning session: Genomes, Gene families and long-term adaptation. Chair: Dasarathi Palakodeti.
9‒9:30: Registration
9:30‒9:45am: Introduction
9:45‒10:15am: Deepa Agashe: The Evolution of Bacterial tRNA Genes
10:15‒10:45am: L. Shashidhara: Hox Protein Ultrabithorax and Evolution of Insect Wing Number and Morphology
10:45‒11:15am: Coffee break
11:15‒11:45am: Himanshu Sinha: A Pervasive, Highly Interconnected Genetic Network Underlies all Phenotypes
11:45am‒12pm: Mrudula Sane: Evolution of Trade-offs Under Genetic Drift
12‒12:15pm: Preethi Ravi: Flying to the Tunes of a Neuropeptide Receptor

12:15‒1:30pm: Lunch

1:30‒3:30pm: Posters and group discussions, and coffee

Afternoon session: Theory and Modern Methods. Chairs: Mukund Thattai.

3:30‒4pm: Mark Kirkpatrick: Sex-antagonistic Selection and the Evolution of Sexual Dimorphism
4‒4:30pm: Richard Mott: Interpreting Genome Annotation and Genetic Variation from the Standpoint of Evolution
4:30‒4:45pm: Lavanya Challagundla: Population Genomics Framework of the Origin and Spread of Pathogenic Staphylococci
4:45‒5:15: Coffee
5:15‒5:45pm: Jonathan Flint: Genetic Analysis of Complex Traits in Outbred Mice

7pm onward: Dinner and social


Morning and afternoon sessions: Interactions with the environment. Chairs: Raghu Padinjat, and Sandeep Krishna.
9:30‒10am: Benjamin Prud’homme: The Evolution of Oviposition Site Choice in the Fruit Pest Drosophila suzukii
10‒10:30am: Adriana Briscoe: The Evolution of Colour Vision in Heliconius Butterflies: Genes, Physiology and Behavior
10:30‒10:45am: Eben Gering: Recent Adaptation in Kauai’s Feral Gallus gallus
10:45‒11:15am: Coffee break
11:15am‒11:45pm: Christen Mirth: Mechanisms Regulating Robust Versus Plastic Responses to Environmental Conditions in Developing Organs
11:45‒12:15pm: Antonia Monteiro: Evolution of Butterfly Wing Patterns and Behaviors in Response to Seasonal Environmental Variation
12:15‒12:30pm: Megha: Neuropeptidergic Contributions to Development Under Starvation

12:30-2pm: Lunch

2‒4pm: Posters and group discussions, and coffee

Chairs: Shannon Olsson, and Uma Ramakrishnan
4‒4:30pm: Gaiti Hasan: Neuromodulatory Signals in Drosophila Larvae Drive an Adaptive Response to Nutrient Stress
4:30‒5pm: Kavita Jain: Rapid Adaptation of a Polygenic Trait after a Sudden Environmental Shift
5‒5:30: Coffee break
5:30‒6pm: Vijay Sharma and Sheeba Vasu: Genetic Basis of Chronotypes: Lessons from ‘Larks’ and ‘Owls’ Among Fruit Flies
6‒6:15pm: Ali: Effect of Sexual Selection on Male Reproductive Ageing in Drosophila melanogaster

7pm onward: Dinner and social


Morning session: Genetic Architecture of Adaptations. Chairs: Dimple Notani, and R. Sowdhamini.
9:30‒10am: George Perry: Polygenic Adaptation to Tropical Rainforest Habitats in Human Hunter-gatherers
10‒10:30am: Doris Bachtrog: Chromatin Sinks & Sex-specific Aging in Drosophila: A Role for theY Chromosome?
10:30‒10:45am: Martin Kapun: Adaptive Evolution of Clinal Inversion Polymorphisms in Drosophila melanogaster
10:45‒11:15am: Coffee break
11:15am‒11:45pm: Catharine Rankin: Genetic Dissection of Learning in C. elegans Sheds Light on the Adaptive Nature of Response Plasticity
11:45‒12:15pm: Sreelaja Nair: Cell Biological Responses in the Vertebrate Embryo Consequent to Alterations in Ploidy
12:15‒12:30pm: Vinod Kumar: A Genomics Approach Identifies Genetic Variations Under Positive Selection Contributing to Variability in Innate Immune Responses

12:30‒2pm: Lunch

2‒4pm: Posters and group discussions, and coffee

Afternoon session: Genetics of Social Interactions. Chairs: Sanjay Sane, and Shashi Thutupalli.
4‒4:30pm: Jean-Francois Ferveur: Incipient Speciation in Drosophila: Genes, Sensory Signals and "Eco-devo" Adaptation
4:30‒5pm: Krushnamegh Kunte: Evolution and Genetics of Sexually Dimorphic Butterfly Wing Patterns
5‒5:30pm: Nicolas Gompel: Regulatory Evolution and the Diversification of Pigmentation Patterns in Drosophila
5:30‒6pm: Final remarks

7pm onward: Banquet

Note: Most long talks will be 20‒25 mins + 5-10 mins discussion, for a total of 30 mins. Short talks will be 10 mins + 5 mins discussion.