The humble fruit fly, buzzing around bananas in our kitchen, feels like a complete nuisance.  But did you know that fruit flies were the first live animals to travel to outer space and come back alive?  These little flies have taught us a lot about human beings!  How we inherit traits, how we develop from a single cell, how we smell, how we learn and remember, and how our environment impacts us!

Fruit flies are responsible for many Nobel prize-winning discoveries and are workhorses for hundreds of biology labs worldwide. Dr Deepti Trivedi is Facility-in-charge for the Fly Facility at BLiSC, and she will discuss how these tiny insects have revolutionized biology research.

Save the date: 1st March 2020| Sunday
Time: 3:30pm
Venue: Katte - The Creative Community, Indiranagar

The Science Café is organized by the Communications Office at the Bangalore Life Science Cluster (BLiSC). It is open to all, and free! So join us, and bring your friends and family!

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