Post-doctoral candidates are encouraged to apply for competitive funding from external agencies. Research projects will be in close collaboration with a host laboratory in NCBS or inStem, which will provide resources and space, with the possibility of additional support, as needed. Candidates are expected to contact the host lab with which they would like to work prior to the application.

A comprehensive list of Extramural funding schemes is available at the RDO webpage which can be accessed here
(Grants for Early Career researchers). Information on the RDO website is regularly updated.

Application for postdoctoral funding from external agencies may be contingent upon an internal prescreening step. Schemes falling into this category include the SERB-National Post Doctoral Fellowship, IYBA awards and the WT-DBT India Alliance Early Career Fellowships.

Applicants wishing to host these fellowships at NCBS/inStem would be advised to go through Pre-screening procedure once a suitable host laboratory is identified. "The queries regarding the pre-screening procedure should be directed at Academic office" Upon successful screening the Grant submission to these schemes need to be routed via the Research Development Office (RDO). Please direct your queries regarding the grant submission to (rdo at ncbs dot res dot in).

Pre-screening procedure (Academic Office Lead)

Applicants should submit a preliminary application written in conjunction with the host faculty member.

The preliminary application package should include the following:

    Up-to-date CV,
    Brief research proposal (not more than one page)
    Two letters of recommendation and a letter from the head of the host laboratory at NCBS/inStem.

The preliminary application should be submitted to acadoffice at ncbs dot res dot in for evaluation by the Campus reviewing committee. The subject line should clearly state “Pre-Screening for Extramural funding schemes” (SERB-N-PDF, IYBA, WT/IA-ECF). The final decision to support an application for an extramural fellowship will be communicated to the applicant and host laboratory soon thereafter.

Grant Submission (RDO lead)

Following this, applications to funding agencies will be coordinated and routed via the RDO (

Following the award, resources to the applicant will generally be as per the terms of the award for each funding agency.

For queries on funding schemes, eligibility and application process to the extramural
funding agencies please contact the RDO Office, (rdo at ncbs dot res dot in)